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What was your first pinhole image? Show & tell us!

  1. TheToadMen
    I shot my first pinhole image in 2001. You can see it here: http://thetoadmen.blogspot.nl/2012/1...ever-2001.html
    I made a wooden pinhole camera (11x11x11 cm) and loaded it with Ilford photographic paper and exposed it for 30 seconds. I had double fun: building the camera out of wood and the first images succeeded. The game was on ;-)

    After that experience, I have build a few wooden cameras and rebuild old cameras into a pinhole camera like a Gevabox, Agfa Click and Agfa Clack.
    I also build a 360 degrees camera with 8 pinholes: it uses a whole 120 roll film as one negative.
    I'm planning on building a wooden camera with (paper) negative size of 20x24" someday.
  2. Toffle
    Not my first pinhole, but an early one with my latest (4x5) pinhole camera. I didn't realize until I took the camera out of doors that it leaked light through every corner... several re-designs were in order.
  3. DWThomas
    Hmmm - in an earlier life I took a shot of a model railroad using a pinhole punched in aluminum foil slapped over the end of a macro bellows -- maybe in the 1960s. If I ever stumble across it, I'll scan and post it. I remember it being sort of green (on some fairly early Ektachrome, I think). The long tungsten exposure probably totally confused the color balance. At the time I remember being impressed I got anything. The camera had to have been my 35 mm Konica FP, the only one I had a bellows for.

    In my present life, I tried again for WPPD 2005 with a special lensboard for my ancient 4x5 B&J Press.

    This is one of the first, if not the very first results from that exercise:

    I've had some fun with it.

  4. Brano

    Hi folks,
    this is my very first image of my very first daughter shoot with my very first pinhole camera.
    The film is Fomapan 100 classic developed in Fomadon R09 9 minutes.
    F109, exp. time aprox. 4 minutes.
  5. NedL
    Not counting solargraphs, and not counting "undeveloped paper" images that I played with quite a bit, after a few test shots in my backyard to get a sense of exposure times, I think this was my first one:
    [IMG] pinhole oaks by Ned Lewis, on Flickr[/IMG]
  6. Toffle
    Love the low perspective, Ned.
  7. Bertil
    Don't have an URL for my pictures, and don't know how to add image to this thread in some other way, but uploaded "My first pinhole image" to the groups image album: my caravan (and car) through the window of my studio.
    It was taken with my Hasselblad 500C, July 2006; I drilled a hole in the camera cap and taped a piece of aluminium folio with a little hole made with a needle.
    Film TMY, developed in FX39 (1+9 22°C 9 min). Had really no idéa what kind of apperture this hole made, thus how to expose; made the following exposures: 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 5 sec, 1 min. It turned out that the 5 sec exposure was the right one. In view of the light situation I regard this hole to be something like apperture 180/256, the distance from the hole to the film plane is roughly 80mm, and thus makes a normal "lens" for 6x6 which seems quite ok i view of the picture - it looks as I would expect it to look if taken with my Planar 80mm.
    In fact this series of exposures are the only made with this "lens", later my pinhole experience is with my NOON for 4x5 which I like very much (some time ago I uploaded some of these in the APUG Standard Gallery)
  8. nnoborigin

    this was my first shot... about 120 seconds exposure, early morning in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, with a Holga Pinhole Wide, which I had freshly bought and used a very old 120mm Lomography BW film. I think it was ISO 100.
  9. rince
    I am still really new to pinhole photography and for now it is trying to learn how pinhole cameras see the world and how to compose a nice image.
    My first pinhole image ever was taken with a ZeroImage 4x5 of an orchid :


    I just returned from a vacation in Seattle with 12+ rolls of pinhole images, which I can not wait to develop during the weekend.
  10. Gaetan Cormier
    Gaetan Cormier
    My first pinhole image was made with a Lensless Camera Co. 4x5 pinhole camera using Harman Direct Positive paper. It's a little underexposed but still, it's my first shot!

  11. polka
    The first pinhole camera that I built was an anamorph for 55x170mm² / 240° panoramic pictures :

    I called this camera UR-POLKa (because after, I built other anamorphs)

    My first test film with this camera was BW, and this is the first picture on this film :

    Seeing that it worked well, I did the same picture on a color slide film :

    Paul K. (aka POLKA)
  12. bergytone
    amazing craftsmanship. Image quality is superb. I'm trying to understand how it works...
  13. polka
    If you read french, here I explain everything and show also the two cameras that I made after this first one.

    You may also look at the discussions that I had on the pinolists forum F295 under my pseudo POLKA.

    To be noted that I named my cameras with the acronym POLKa, meaning "Panoramische Oberlicht Loch Kamera" (a good description in german).

  14. outdated
    Not my absolutely first image, but one of the first batch. It is an image of Lincoln Cathedral from the castle approach taken around 1980 on a camera made from an Ilford 10x8 paper box with a square card tube between the top and bottom halves. The film was Multigrade paper fixed to the bottom of the box with blu-tack and the pinhole was taped across a hole cut in the centre of the lid. I made the pinhole in those days with cooking foil, punching the hole out with a sawn off needle lightly tapped through a cork. It was hit and miss affair and needed a number of tries before a reasonably clean hole appeared. The print was made by contact onto Multograde. The URL thing has me a bit foxed so I have put the image in the gallery section - possibly - hasn'g appeared yet! Must get some instruction on this. Yay! Finally managed to get the image to appear in the gallery section.
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