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Question: how can we celebrate "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" 2013? (April 28th)

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  1. NedL
    I've got a few more to develop before I choose which one I'll submit for WPPD. The first 11x14 with the Hello Kitty popcorn can was overexposed, but my 11 year old daughter and I made another one in the late afternoon... she chose the exposure time and it's her tin and her entry into WPPD if it comes out! It was fun to see the "wheels turning" as she figured out the time... hmmm, the last one was "3 stops" and you said about a minute in full sun, and she squinted at the light and looked at the shadows and finally came up with "2 minutes and 20 seconds". I thought that sounded just about perfect, so we'll see! It was a fun day.
  2. TheToadMen
    I posted the images I made for WPPD here on my blog:

    Which one do you like best?
    Still have to pick one to upload to WPPD 2013.
  3. TheToadMen
    I selected my image and added it to the WPPD gallery as # 2951, see: http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/20...ex.php?id=2951

    What's the link to your pinhole image on the WPPD 2013 Gallery?
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