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Question: how can we celebrate "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" 2013? (April 28th)

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  1. TheToadMen
    Question: how can we celebrate "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" 2013? (April 28th)
    Every year there is a "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" (WPPD). The next one will be on Sunday April, 28th 2013. As they put it on www.pinholeday.org: "Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on the last Sunday in April, can scan it and upload it to this website where it will become part of the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration's online gallery." To get inspired again, check out the submissions to the WPPD gallery in 2012: http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery.

    1) I was wondering which members of this group are interested in participating in 2013? What are your plans? Let us know if and how you'll be making an pinhole image on April 28th, 2013.
    2) I was also wondering if we could come up with a kind of small & friendly "competition" within this group to celebrate this WPPD? Maybe a common theme or by type of camera or ...? Or just an open contest without rules, as long as it is a pinhole image? What kind of contest would you like?
    Let me know and if there is enough interest I'll organize something in this group starting in 2013, Q2.

    "Have fun and catch that light beam!"
    Bert from Holland
  2. Toffle
    Wow, that's coming up fast!
    I'll be shooting in some way that day. Hopefully I'll have my vignetting problem solved by then.
  3. TheToadMen
    Here is a simple (darkroom) trick I saw to resolve the vignetting: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/jerry7000/15984406
  4. DWThomas
    WPPD is on my list; I've participated since 2005. I don't have any major plans other than to try and do a better job on some paper negatives. Last year I tried stronger pre-flashing, only to learn that out of several film holders, the one I used for two of the three shots I took on paper had the paper loaded emulsion side in! (Later ascertained all the other holders were loaded correctly.) Bummer! So I didn't learn much about the flashing results. I did get some good film exposures.

    I will expect to use my homemade wide angle 4x5 (pictured in gallery above) this year.

    I usually try to find subjects that are fairly bold and simple so the soft focus of the pinhole doesn't scramble details. Since the event is worldwide, I often lean toward historical sites to share my little corner of the world rather than mess around with self portraits, kitchen table still lifes and things of that sort.

  5. Toffle
    Thanks, Toad. That is a good idea. I should have been more specific, though; it is not so much vignetting as something creating a shadow across one corner of the image. I think I have the problem mostly resolved.
  6. Bertil
    Participated for the first time last year and intend also to participate this year.
    Haven't decided, but one idéa is to be at the same place at the same time as last time and see what happens.
    About a "competition", I would vote for one without rules, pinhole enough!
  7. NedL
    I have not participated in WPPD, but would like to this year. Like Dave, I will probably try to find a subject that is related to where I live.
  8. TheToadMen
    You can now visit the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WWPD) also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinholeDay
  9. Toffle
    Thanks! I'll follow them.
  10. NedL
    There is a Hello Kitty popcorn tin in our garage that is 11 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter. A sheet of 11x14 paper should fit just perfectly.
    I've just completed negotiations with my daughter and she agrees it would make a great pinhole camera! I think this will be for my WPPD picture!
    Now I have some preparations to do... hmmm about a 0.5mm pinhole, and some way to develop such a large paper!
  11. TheToadMen
    Just wanted to let you all know: exactly 4 weeks to go to the next "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" (WPPD) on Sunday 2013, April 28th.

    I'm gonna shoot some film with my new 6x18 cm pinhole camera.

    I also got some Maco Genius film sheets (18x24 cm) I'm gonna use in my old Russian FKD field camera. I only have to make a lensboard with a pinhole.
  12. NedL
    That's a neat camera Bert!!

    I'm still aiming for it... 11x14 paper has been ordered, and I've been playing with a unique "faux pop" way to make contact prints... if the "unique way" fails, I can still make a regular contact print. Still need to find a container large enough to develop 11x14 sheets, and actually make the camera and test exposure... sounds like a good project for this weekend! Also thinking about subjects... have an idea....
  13. Dr Croubie
    Dr Croubie
    Well, I've got my kit sorted.
    Skink Pinhole Sets:
    L39-mount and 218um pinhole for the Bessa L.
    M42-mount and 280um pinhole for the EOS 3 and/or Spotmatic (and maybe the 7D for chimping on light-readings, because I'm lazy and ttl-meters don't like pinholes).
    Maybe the Lensbaby pinhole/zoneplate optic on my EOS 3 Control Freak.
    The M42 mount can take colour filters as well as tele/wide adapters (37mm filter ring + step ups). That means I can also fit it (via a filter ring and macro-reversal adapter) to my Kiev 88CM with a 380um hole (which has double-exposure capability, changeable backs, and just looks cool) or Kiev60 (which has WLF with sports-finder for framing), or Pentacon 6 (which has timer-release and the same WLF).
    As for film, i'm probably going to use up some 120 Velvia that expired in 1991 and cross-process it, some long-dead Agfacolour, and/or some B+W (PanF50 and wait a few minutes maybe?). 135 film I've got way too much C41 that I don't use, maybe some B+W too...
  14. NedL
    Wow! You guys are getting me to think more about film. I'll make 3 or 4 pictures at the most. One 11x14, one in my new 8x10 pinhole camera, and one or two 5x7s in my little coffee can cameras. All on paper. I managed to break my "pinholaroid" this week, so no color instant pinholes until I get a new one to convert. ( The polaroid camera I converted was $5, and each box of film is $7... I've got 10 boxes so I'm definitely building a new one! )
  15. NedL
    Darn the 11x14 paper I ordered is now on back-order, with no estimate. Hope I can get some in time! Anyone ever tried Arista.EDU VC paper in a pinhole camera? They sell Arista.EDU graded but not in 11x14 size...
  16. TheToadMen
    Only one week to go!!
    Next Sunday (28th of April, 2013) is the next "Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day" (WPPD).
    To get inspired again, check out the submissions to the WPPD gallery from last year: http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery.
    And please let us know how you spent it.
  17. TheToadMen

    Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD).
    So go out, shoot some pinholes, have fun and post your results on www.pinholeday.org.

    And don't forget to leave a message here to let us know you did ;-)
  18. TheToadMen
    I shot five 120 roll films today with three cameras:
    - Natasha 617 (four negatives of 6x17 cm on one film)
    - old Gevabox, converted into a pinhole camera by me (negatives 6x9 cm)
    - Agfa Clack, converted into a pinhole camera by me (negatives 6x6 cm).
    It was a lovely day with lots of sunshine. I took a walk of about 3 hours shooting flowers, trees, fields, a small creek and some sheep. Since it was all outdated colour film, I can't develop it myself. I'll send it off this week and will post some images later.
  19. Toffle
    Got my shooting in early, before the torrential rains arrived. Trying to find the time to process and print before midnight.

  20. Toffle
    Processing done, and nicely, too. I'm really liking my HP Combiplan tank. Unforunately, I won't have time to print tonight.
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