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Know any ongoing and interesting Pinhole Photography Projects? Tell us ....

  1. TheToadMen
    I saw this interesting project on http://civilwar150pinholeproject.com.
    Photographer Michael Falco is shooting a project titled “Civil War 150 Pinhole Project”

    "To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, photographer Michael Falco is shooting a project titled “Civil War 150 Pinhole Project” His goal is to highlight the haunting beauty of civil war battlefields and to chronicle the various battle reenactments that are happening all across the country. To do so, he’s using large format pinhole cameras that gives the poetic images an old fashioned look."

    I like the way he registers the action with a pinhole camera. Check it out.

    Do you also know a nice Pinhole Photography Project? Post it here!
  2. TheToadMen
    Check out this video clip, made with 625 pinhole cameras and 135 mm B&W film!!

    Here is the article describing the project:
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