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Want to own a Hasselblad and use a Pinhole Camera at the same time??

  1. TheToadMen
    I saw this nice Kickstarter project for a pinhole camera looking like a Hasselblad camera: The 120 Pinhole Project.
    See: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...inhole-project

    I saw her DIY download PDF file for a 35 mm version before and liked it:
    "This carefully produced downloadable and printable net file represents an iconic Hassleblad camera as a low impact and functional product that is available to all as an A4 sized, 8 page PDF. The camera takes 35mm film and takes 12-14 images per roll."

    It seems that this PDF file for the DIY 35 mm version isn't on her website anymore (I'll inquire!)

    The good news is, however, that she's going to make an actual kit for 120 roll film.

    See her intro film on the-120-pinhole-project here.

    It looks nice so I preordered one. By preordering on Kickstarter you can back up her project and help her to get it funded.
    Delivery is expected in November 2013. Preordering through Kickstarter is open until April, 16th 2013.
    You'll find the project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...inhole-project

    "Have fun and catch that light beam!"
    Bert from Holland
  2. PhotoBob
    I'm in
  3. TheToadMen
    Update from Kelly Angood about changes to her "The 120 Pinhole Project":

    "It has been brought to my attention by peers and legal professionals that if I am to continue with this project I may have legal action taken against me due to copyright infringement.As this is a project, and not a business, and with being a recent graduate I am in no position to be able to undertake this risk. Due to this I regrettably will be cancelling the funding for 'The 120 Pinhole Project'.
    Though, there is no way I'm giving up on this project! I have been overwhelmed by your support so far, and have had some wonderful community and youth projects based reach out to me through Kickstarter.
    I don't want to let don't anyone down who has supported me so far, or allow two years or work go to waste so I have started working on a new camera. It will contain the same internal mechanism, but the body will be uniquely my design. The camera will still work as a pinhole camera, and you will still be able to construct it at home.
    I truly hope I can count on your continued support.I'm working with a fantastic screen-printer to help get the prototype up and running and I hope to have the project as a new Kickstarter within the next 30 days.
    I'm going to be working doubly as hard to ensure that the new project will have same delivery date as 'The 120 Pinhole Project'- November 2013.
    As a thank-you for your continued support I will raise the £25 reward amount to 200 limit, rather than the previous 150. I'm also going to translate the new design into a downloadable 35mm net for all backers so you can made a version at home whilst you are waiting for you camera to arrive in the mail.
    I hope you all accept my apologies- I believe it's vital to have complete transparency on Kickstarter with everyone who has either backed or is interested in my project. I will be documenting the progress of making the new camera at - kickstarterpinholediary.tumblr.com so please check it out to continue following the journey.
    If you have any questions, or would like to be personally notified when the new project is available please drop me a line at - the120pinholeproject@kellyangood.co.uk. Though, I will also be using this page as a means of communication.
  4. TheToadMen
    The project made a restart on Kickstarter.
    See: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...inhole-project
    Kelly redesigned the camera so she isn't in any danger any more of Hasselblad starting any legal action against her due to copyright infringement.
    I like the new design even more as a "twin lens camera" adaption.

    The first 200 backers on Kickstarter will get the camera kit for GBP 25 (= GBP 5 discount).
    I ordered mine: delivery expected in November, so this will be my next "winters day project" ;-).

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