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KickStarter Project: Travelwide 4X5 Camera

  1. M.A.Longmore

    KickStarter Project: Travelwide 4X5 Camera

    " Pinhole? Included.

    Each Travelwide will ship with a custom, precision chemically etched pinhole. You can start
    shooting 4×5s right out of the box. Justin and I created a pinhole lens cap for Micro 4/3 cameras,
    so we have a lot of experience with selecting optimal apertures. This thing will be sharp. "


    I really don't need another camera { " At The Moment " } but, I might need a break from The RB67 later this year.

    Who is interested in such a device ?

  2. TheToadMen
    I saw this one and it looks interesting. But I don't like to be charged $99 when they offered it first for $49 to only 25 people, while wanting to collect $75.000. Somehow this doesn't feel right to me.
    So I didn't back this project (otherwise I would have).
    But I like the concept. I'll wait & see if they succeed and might get one later when proven ...
  3. Dr Croubie
    Dr Croubie
    I'm in for the 65mm, it's going to take a while for the hype to calm down and to actually find a lens on fleabay.
    So i'm hoping that they get to the stretch target of $85k, then everyone gets a free pinhole included (lest i just hack my own pinhole together otherwise)
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