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8x10 polaroid.

  1. vpwphoto
    I sometimes think the biggest reason I want 8x10 Polaroid is because I cant have it now.

    -camera check
    -8x10 processor check

    -8x10 polaroid film.... waiting.
  2. 10X8P
    Hello. I have 87 packs ( thats 1300 sheets ) of polaroid 803 if you need some. Expire july 09. New old stock. As new.
  3. phillip2446
    do you still have any of that polaroid for sale?
    if so, how much?

    PM me


  4. stonedouglass
    Hi -- I too would like to buy some of that 09 exp 8x10 stock! after phillip of course... thanks! SD
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    In line with this subject, the Impossible Project People did get almost all of one complete Polaroid Instant Film manufacturing machine, and that was the 8 by 10 machine. While there has been some discussion of seeing if it could be modified or adapted to produce 4 by 5, for which there is a much larger market, even though I will agree that it is not as large a size, there is still the possibility that they will try to get the machine running in its original form to see that they do understand all the nuances of how it works, before making any changes. There could be some 8 by 10 Polaroid again at some time in the future.

    Me? Well, I do not have an 8 by 10, but there are four (4) each 4 by 5 cameras here now, and there may be a fifth at some time in the near future. Yes, I do miss the Type 55-P/N. I remember when we referred to them as "Polaroid-Land cameras." My favorite was the Type 110B camera. Back when I was going through cases of Type 47, I never thought that the Polaroid Corporation would ever become a mere shadow of its former self. Whatever would Dr. Edwin Herbert Land think?


    Latte Land, Washington
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