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Anyone still out there ?

  1. charlief64
    Doesn't anyone hang around here any more? I LOVE shooting with my Polaroids. There are many creative possibilities within this (these) format (s). I will not think of my instant photography as second class. Rise up against the doubters and naysayers. Get out there and shoot that Fuji ...
    Shoot that Impossible. I keep 4 Polaroids loaded at all times. One 100 packfilm with Fuji color, one 100 packfilm with Fuji black and white, an SX70 alpha with Impossible colorshade and an SX70 Sonar with Impossible Silvershade. I am a working stiff like most of you, so my shooting time is limited (so is the budget). To mangle the famous quote "If I get some money I buy film. If there is anything left over I buy food." I do shoot the non instant stuff too, but most of my passion has been turned to my Polaroids. I'm having too much fun to stop. Isn't that why we do this ? I hope someone stops back in here and says HI soon.

  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Charlie;

    Yes, sir, there are still people here. I check this forum probably once every two days and often every day. There are still people around. But, I admit that I do not have a pack of Spectra film in the Minolta right now. 120 roll film has been getting some attention lately, when I have not been doing digital things for other people. I have had a Kiev-88 System for a few years now, and added a Koni-Omega Rapid-M just last year, and now there is a Minolta Autocord that arrived just last month which has gone in for a repair and CLA. I am still doing what I can to keep up the value of the stock for the Eastman-Kodak Company. It can use some help right now.

    One thing I do still miss is the Polaroid Reversal Process Black and White 35mm Film. I have an almost perfectly new Polaroid processor box for that film, still in the box (but it has been opened), but, alas, no film.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  3. phirehouse
    Just checking in after rotating back to my polaroids. Love these land cameras! I am on the hunt for a really nice 110A or B pathfinder.
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