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Three Is A Crowd ...

  1. M.A.Longmore
    The Camera Closet Is Crammed With Captivas' ....

    I've never had an instant camera, but the strangest thing keeps happening.
    In the past three months I've bought accessories from three people on Craigslist.
    And they have all given me a Captiva,which wasn't even part of the original post.
    The one I got yesterday had a pack of expired film, long expired unfortunately.
    Does any know if there will be an Impossible film available for Captivas ?
    I would be nice to keep one for myself if I could get film for it.

  2. Ektagraphic
    I'm not totally sure on this but I have heard of Fuji film working in Captivia...
  3. Ektagraphic
    I am pretty sure I'm wrong though.
  4. fLOVE
    The Fuji working in it might be a thing where you can load the shot, take it, pull it out, reload it in a Fuji, and process it, but otherwise no. Impossible won't be making this film.....sorry.
  5. phirehouse
    I have come across some really nice examples of the Captiva at my local flea market for next to nothing, but passed on them due to the film availability issues. I really do wish someone would offer film for this model.
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