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Polaroid 55

  1. pdjr1991
    Ive been fortunate to even try this film. Does anyone know if Impossible will be releasing something like this? i really like the idea of a positve and a negative. I hope they do come out with it.
  2. fLOVE
    I've answered this one a couple times, so I'll just give the run down for all film types.

    The ONLY production machines that were maintained are the integral ones (SX70, 600, Spectra) and the 8x10 (8x10 machines found and moved).

    These are the ONLY film types TIP will be reproducing without speculation.

    There is a CHANCE....but just that....A CHANCE....that 4x5 sheet instant will be renewed from the 8x10 production, and as far as what form that will come in exactly....unknown.

    Beyond that, there is a SLIVER OF A SLIVER of A CHANCE that type 100 may be adopted if say a machine from Fuji comes our way, or some other means of mass production is worked out (however unlikely). The huge issue here is type pack film is an intricate daisy-chain of tabs, negatives, and positives all put together so that trying to put this together without a machine would be painstaking and long AT BEST, and for producing it at commercial scale would be impossible unless thousands were employed to pack them, so a machine is NECESSARY, and yet aside from what Fuji has, none currently exist. -f
  3. pdjr1991
    Poor 55. Hopefully the resurgence is good enough to justify a cost of making a 4x5 machine. We can only hope!
  4. BobCrowley
    If we can show sufficient market demand (not determined) our group or a contractor may start production of a new sheet film product with field processing capabilities, aimed at producing a high resolution scanner-optimized negative similar to 55. Virtually all of the basic process and formulation research has already been done, and with that investment in hand, we hope to make the case for sufficient market size and of course, profitability. However, the market is in flux, traditional (pro and advanced amateur) users are shifting away, so there must also be a new market in student, industrial or scientific areas. Also, it takes far more than a machine to produce that type of product, requiring an entire vendor supply chain. Process machinery is actually readily available from numerous manufacturing machinery firms.

    While we are doing this, we have rediscovered several "abbreviated workflow" solutions that afford rapid, high quality 4x5 photography using any of the millions of existing 4x5 cameras that remain in good working order, and that are being used for the first time by a new generation of individuals interested in electrochemical focal plane imaging for various artistic, creative and industrial/scientific reasons.

  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Bob Crowley;

    It has been a couple of months or so. Is there any further news on Type 55P/N and similar product for the 4 by 5 users out here?

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  6. BobCrowley
    Yes, substantial efforts have been made to determine the cost and to prepare to obtain the financing needed. Also, we have committed to a field processable negative and positive pilot product (not a PN product) that we have been encouraged to produce. Please follow the blog or facebook for this. The traditional users of old T55 are a small market so we are emphasizing new product design concepts that can bring in new and younger users from a variety of adjacent photographic disciplines.



  7. pdjr1991
    You got my attention Bob, i'm young and ready for New55. I'd say market it to colleges if you can. If you let select students test it, you may have a customer base for years to come. it will also be something the instructors could mention and pass on to all their students.
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