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Announcing - First Stereographic Polaroid 600 complete successfully today 11-21-10

  1. orlovphoto

    I joined this site today in order to better connect with the world-wide Polaroid community.
    My history of Polaroid use:

    •SX-70 at first in the late 90s and into 2004-5 or so, still have a few boxes of unknown condition...
    •600 - first started shooting this film only when I heard of it's discontinuation - still shooting regularly.
    •Pack Film - 665PN, Fuji FP -2006 and onward, Passport cams, Propack, 250 oldie, 4x5 back.
    •4x5 - 55PN and Fuji FP - 1999 and onward.
    •8x10 - exposed a total of one half box of super expired color 100 with one good self portrait in blue tones

    However! It was not until a month or so ago did it hit me to try to combine Polaroid 600 images with an old Stereoscope that I've had with a collection of viewing cards from the early 1900s. With that on my mind I went on to acquire a second Polaroid 680 SE and mount it on the stereo camera bracket that I picked up in Japan over two years ago with an intention to use it with my Rolleiflex cameras.

    Today I have mounted the first two sets of images on curved mat board and looked at them for the first time through the Stereoscope. They looked amazing!

    I have googled "steroegraph polaroid", "stereo polaroid", etc. and the only thing I come up with are shots with pack film cameras (a few from propacks a some from passport cams), but none of them are mounted. Also I can not find any mention of stereoscopic 600 film use. If anyone would be kind enough to let me know if they know of anyone who has done this before and point me in their direction I would love to contact them. Otherwise I will go on gleefully thinking that these are the first ones ever.


    P.S. Please take a look at some of my Polaroid and MF images on http://orlovphoto.com
    and (this one is very slow to load up...):
  2. daemon
    That is a neat idea to create your own polaroid stereo effect. Undoubtedly something you would have to experience first hand, not over the interwebs. :> I like your polaroid work. Especially like the ones that reveal a kind of friendly intimacy with the subject. For my polaroids I've only done 100 series stuff and have been shooting more flash lately. Really is much nicer than digital, even when shooting straight at the subject where the flash is the sole source of light. Synch to 1/500 and really isolate the subject, but not in a harsh way at all.
  3. BobCrowley
    Here's some PX70 in stereo

    At that stage, it really needed something.

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