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Beyond the Gutter - a Panoramic Book.

  1. doughowk
    I'm planning on self-publishing a book this Spring. It would contain reproductions of contact prints at actual size. The 8X10 pt/pd prints should not be a problem - a 10X12 book size would be fine. But what of 7X17 prints? I don't want to print across the gutter, and would prefer a fold-out format rather than some extra-wide size book. Do any of the self-publishing companies (eg, LuLu, Blurb, iPhoto) handle fold-outs?
  2. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    Not sure about Lulu. I have never seen the option before for fold outs. Of course, to be frank, I haven't ever gone looking for them either. But definitely keep us abreast of the project.
  3. snapguy
    There are publishers that offer lay-flat pages (no gutter) that are pretty nice. Adorama has them and also offers real photo paper pages.
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