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A book on a place

  1. Curt
    I was thinking about doing a small book with Photographs I took 30 years ago of the old warehouses and wooden loading docks in Tacoma Washington. The particular street was really old World and is now concrete, it's just blocks from the Art Museum and the Glass Museum. If you do it long enough your photographs will become history in your lifetime. I would need a scanner which I don't have but the setup and layout would not be problem for me. Probably the most difficult part would be the writing, it's been a while since I've have to do that kind of work. I'd get a good proof reader. Just some thought of a project.
  2. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    If you've ever read Creative Image Maker then you might know that I love the look of my own words. It's a skill I picked up and if anything I can be a little long winded at times. I can generally pair down an article to 60% its size after the first Tolstoy-ish draft. Well, keep us updated here on the project, huh.
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