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  1. Curt
    I down loaded the blurb software to see what it was and found it to be like most, not very advanced but doable. I prefer inDesign but they don't have a template for my version. I can make .PDF files, has anyone dome this for a book upload?
  2. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    I have a work in progress, using Blurb. I haven't uploaded yet. I had set up originally using open office and then saving as a PDF. I liked the ease of Blurb. The only reason I had not progressed is it runs under windows, not under Linux. I have been putting more time into my web page.
  3. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Curt, I'm currently working on two books now and both will go to the printers in PDF format. I have In-Design CS2 but it's not intuitive and I'm not sure I'll use it, I've always used CorelDraw in the past (since the mid 90's) and I guess I'll continue. While Illustrator now lags behind CorelDraw it may be an option for multiple pages but I'm not sure. Corel once had a separate program like In-Design in the CorelDraw suite which was really nice & easy to use but they dropped it.

    I've downloaded the Blurb PDF criteria and it seems quite easy to conform to so I'll use Blurb for rough proofs althouigh the final work will be litho.

  4. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    I use .pdf's for uploading to lulu.com. However, make certain that any .pdf's you are to use match the page size that your publishing service specifies. For instance, there is a 8.25" x 10.75" format that Lulu has and an 8.5x11 .pdf will not work. The page format is a different size. So make certain you are making files that fit your publishers requirements.
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