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templates and files

  1. Curt
    Does anyone know oft hand if any of the book printer publishers have templates for the early InDesign programs?

    Does anyone know oft hand if which book printer publishers accept .PDF's as the original upload. I know that blurb does as long as it is the right standard.
  2. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Most i9f not all printers/publishers accept PDF's these days, I've been using PDF's for about 12 years with a variety of printers (in the UK). I've not used InDesign much as I've always used CorelDraw but there are a variety of sites offering free or reasonable priced templates including Adobe themselves

    I'm working on a book myself at the moment (a commercial job) and have to shoot & supply all the images, translate & upfdate the text and may also do the design/layout so looking at InDesign again.

  3. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    I use .pdf's with Lulu.com for CIM. I don't like the inflexibility of cover design, though.
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