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Why Pyro?

  1. Robert Brummitt
    I see that we are growing in membership and we have one poll but I would like to know more about you "Pyro-mainacts" Do you do straight photography,or are you an alternative process photographer? Do you scan your negs and print or straight to the darkroom?
    What was your first intro to Pyro?
    I'll start.
    I first heard of Pyro from View Camera magazine in 1990's. An article written by Gordon Hutchings, telling of the virtues of the developer and it's historical background. Edward Weston used it, So it must be good! I thought.
    I bought a copy of Gordon's book afterwards. While doing so I noticed the name John Wimberley was referred. I was working in a commercial photo lab in Palo Alto, Calif and in my hand was a printing order for one John Wimberley. So, I asked the front desk to call me up when John came for his color print I was making.
    When he did, I introduced myself and asked if he was indeed the one and same photographer who uses pyro. He was and we spoke for a long time of the developer. He later showed me his negs.
    Being more of a color photographer, I like that Kodachrome used pyro in it's making. Today, I use my darkroom for my prints but more and more I scan my negs to see if I have anything of value then proceed.
    I love looking at a well seen, well developed pyro neg. What about you?
    Your turn at bat.
  2. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    I print on silver gel, salt and plat/plad. I guess I have come to appreciate the range of a pyro neg and miss the brown tone when I view other negs. I now do all my 4x5 and 8x10 negs in pyro. I had messed around with split devs and enjoyed the results until I used pyro.
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