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A question regarding stain

  1. largeformat pat
    Hey all,
    I've been using ABC plus for about 8 years now, normally with Efke or Foma Film. I processed some FP4 the other day and was surprised by the flat negatives I viewed. Exposure was bang on, temp and time. I also processed a couple of Efke in the same drum, no problems there. I thought that maybe a silver rich film may stain more so than a mass produced film? Pre wash 5min Kodalk. Dev. Wash x 2. Fix 250grms Sodium thiosulfate + 10 grams Kodalk. After wash 2 min Kodalk. Then 10 x 2 minute washes in the drum. Can't remember the dev time, I think 7.5 minutes. Look at the range of the two films and found the FP4 flat. I used the blue channel on the spectrometer. Any feedback?
  2. Rick A
    Rick A
    Sorry this took so long to get to, but IME, Ilford HP and FP films require longer developing times in pyro to achieve decent contrast. I don't use the same dev as you, but in Pyrocat-HD and PMK Pyro I need extra time over even Pan F+ to get the CI I am looking for. Yo also have to bear in mind that just looking at or scanning won't tell oyu much, you need to print them to get a true evaluation. PC-HD negs usually look thin to me, but print beautifully.
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