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  1. whlogan
    I am afraid I bothered the boys & girls over in the SL66 group asking if the 6000 could come into their group before I fully became aware about how to start a new group. I will apologize to them.
    Surely there are those of us in APUG who love and use the Rollei 6000 cameras, their batteries notwithstanding. i know I do. i have 3: A 6001, a 6006 (pictured), and a 6008i, which is rarely used. But, I love 'em all. The 6006 is a new acquisition and I may like it best of all. I have only older Zeiss lenses, which seem to work best on the '06. Any comments on how the older lenses can be used on the ;08 will be appreciated.
  2. operabike
    I bought a Rollei SLX a few weeks ago (OK, it is not a 6000 series camera but being the origin of all 6000-cameras I hope it qualifies for this group) and I like it a lot! Still waiting to develop the first rolls and see the results but I am quite confident they will be extraordinary. I actually got so enthustiastic about the camera that I had to write a blogpost (well, almost an article in length) in my blog. It is in Swedish but if you are interested I think google translate will work ok. And there are a few pictures of the camera that won´t need translation! Looking forward to see this group being populated by members!


    Fredrik (Stockholm, Sweden)
  3. whlogan
    Of course the SLX is our predecesor here and most welcome. Can't wait to see the pictures. Almost always, Rollei pictures are superior! Good luck. I still have to develop my first roll out of my 6006!
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