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An additional camera -- the SLX

  1. whlogan
    I should like to add that we also welcome the Rollei SLX models as well. Same, but earlier beast.
  2. whlogan
    Reply to self.... self still there? Yes? Oh good. I have used the SLX a bit since you got it... a nice bit of kit it is... like the way the Iris stops down, and then shoots..... really a good camera.... I guess its achilles heel like all the 6000 buggers is them batteries, ain't it? Not a good design there. is it? Too bluddy hard to replace and too pricey, says I. Be better if we could do 'em with "double A's !!!! now there's a thought !!! some one comes up wtih a way to run a 6000 on dubble A's.....
  3. whlogan
    A continuing note, I recokon..... I have not given up here. Had a bad but ultimately successful round with the batteries. Got them all replaced with NmHi cells from China and haven't used the 6000 family since. It has been an extremely cold winter here and my health has been less than fun this winter, but now as spring comes along I shall get going and see if then do indeed work as advertised. Time will tell. Life is still good except that my 6006 seems to be dead. just does no0t want to work at all. like that camera, but it does not like me. Will fuss with it later on. Need a new project. Have taken on a friend as a printing mentee for fun. See how that goes. So, spring is awakening and let's all get to work. Killed my old laptop and got a new one. Microsoft killed my desktop and its off to the wizard now..... back to the darkroom, guys, let's do it!!!!!! Logan
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