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First Field Trip for Rollei 6006

  1. whlogan
    Tomorrow will be the first field trip with the 6006. My daughter and I will out to Big Cypress Nat'l Park in Florida to see what there is to see there. I expect see alligators and swamp. Should be an interesting adventure. It will be the usual TriX shot at 800 and developed in Diafine when I return to Hendersonville. So, it will be a week or two before any images appear here. I may well publish them in the Standard gallery as well.We shall see. I will take the 4 lens kit, 50mm, 80mm, 120mm, and 150mm. I believe that will do the trick. Of course I will take what ever I need in close ups, as well. Addition: In looking over some Gallery images I have decided to develop these images in caffenol H. I am greatly taken by the gradation I seen in these images and want to try the caffenol H. I have all of the chemical to make H version so, I think it worth a try. We'll see what comes of it, what?
  2. whlogan
    Making a reply myself.... I seem to be the only guy on this, so I'll male it a monologue, I reckon. Well, I found out the 6006 is a fine camera with its own set of quirks... lots of them! Worst one is the left side shutter button. The camera loves to take pictures! Loves to. really. Brush that left side button and it will fire away with abandon. Fast as it can. Right side, too. Took me a while to figure out that one needs to turn it OFF after one is done to keep from getting right thru a roll of film. Once figured out it is seemingly much easier to use, Smooth and Rolleiflex like one would expect. Good stuff. Heavy as a cider block. Steady as a German Republic.
    Trip to Big Cypress a success. One partial roll of Acros in an older back will be used for Caffenol. First roll of TriX (ground and my trousers and scooter) and a few other things will be done in Diafine when I get home. We shall see.
  3. jmg1911
    Sounds like a good spot!
    We seem to be a rather exclusive group! I am new to the 6006 myself. So far only an 80 Planar, a 150 Rolleigon and a doubler. Very pleased with the Rolleigon. I wish all "budget" lenses were as good.
    Looking all over for extension tubes. May have to try a diopter.
  4. whlogan
    There is no such thing a budget anything for Rollei Slr's or TLRs for that matter. I'm glad to see some one other than just me reading and responding here. Thanks. Keep going with your Rollei. The results will amaze you as time goes by!
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