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  1. morris 1800
    Just to say hello to the group . Lets hope it grows . I am in the UK and purchased my Rollei 6002 in October 2010 . It came with the planar 80mm lens and have since added a x2 convertor , a RC120 remote cable release for tripod work and a selection of cokin P filters as 99 % of my work is in black and white. I have ordered, but yet to receive, a 50mm wide angle lens which I am looking forward to using. My name is Andy but have the login name of Morris 1800 which is the model of one of my first cars back in the 1970,s and also the name I post my pictures onto the Flicker site. I have several film cameras which I actively use and Develop my own negatives which at the moment I scan with an Epson V500 but hope to get my darkroom back up and running by the end of the year. Looking forward to hearing about other members of this groups experiences with their 6000 series rollei kit. .... I am going to attempt to upload a couple of shots from my first roll of film I put through my Rollei in October !!!
  2. whlogan
    The images came thru just fine and look very good. Thanks for posting them. Our first! I am on vacation in South Florida just now and have not had an opportunity to post any images yet my self. Shame on me! Once I return home I will get busy on that for certain.
  3. morris 1800
    morris 1800
    Hi there , South Florida sounds a lot warmer than the North of England..too cold, wet and windy to venture out with the Rollei today. The pics uploading was straight forward but had to shrink to 600x600 . Enjoy your vacation..
  4. whlogan
    So far so good. Ending tomorrow morning. Driving back to North Carolina and develop some of these negatives I've done and I'm going to try the caffenol c-m technique I've been reading about while I've been down here. Clealrly it works, but can "I" make it work like they do? We shall see. I'm a pretty good chemist so I should be able to. Pictures to follow. Glad to know of your size limitations. Save me some fooling around.
  5. morris 1800
    morris 1800
    Hello Logan have seen some good results for caffenol developed negs. Sourcing washing soda seems to be a problem for many. I normally use Rodinal but have been trying Perceptol recently . Use Fp4 mainly and have just got a sheet film back for my 1956 Rolleicord V . This I am going to use to test Fp4 at different asa and dev times and one sheet at a time will be more cost effective than shooting rolls. Have you done any stand developing which seems very popular these days? Look forward to seeing results and formula used. Regards
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