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A (New) Rolleiflex SLX!

  1. whlogan
    I have been watching a Rollei SLX on K*H for a while and finally decided to jump the reservation and get it.... and the SLX Back they had, too. I fetched a manual from Butkus, so I'll be OK there. What I wonder is if my older lenses for the 6006 will work OK on the SLX. My inclination is to suspect they will, but does any one "Know"? Be appreciative if you do. We'll see what this beast can do..... yikes! another Rollei 10 volt battery powered camera for the stable.... what have I done?
  2. whlogan
    Well, so far i cannot make it work! Loaded and advanced film correctly, suggesting it DOES work, but won't take a picture. Trying a fully charged battery here in a few minutes and we'll just see, won't we? Looks lovely, though. Like the way the SLX back works and locks on the body. Wonder why this guy never made it? Any one know for sure?
  3. whlogan
    Don't know if this is a particularly good idea, but I replaced the blown .8 amp fuse with a slow-blow 1 amp fuse and it now takes pictures like one expects it to. Advances film and sounds like a 6006 for all the world. 1 amp is not that far off .8 amp, but the slow blow gives up up to about.15 amp more.... hope we cannot and do not damage anything by doing this....i do want to see what this guy will do and it has to take pictures to do that. Probably hasn't been used it a while and may be sluggish.... I will shoot one roll on slow-blows and then go to regular 1amps....we'll see.
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