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How Many and Which is Best?

  1. whlogan
    How many 600* Rollei's do you have? I have 4! All working fine and dandy. I have a 6008I which I don't particularly fancy, a 6006 which I do like a lot, a 6001 which is the fully manual model that is great and an SLX which also works quite well since I tricked the fuse up to a 1 amp slo blo. They all are workers. All my lenses, four, are Zeiss and are super glass. I have 4 backs and use these guys a lot. I love 'em. How about you?
  2. whlogan
    Nobody answers. Oh well, I tried. I'm still championing the Rollei 600* stable and using them as I will be till the last breath and then some else will have to take over.... no time soon, I hope!!!!This summer promises to be a fine time for Rollei photography. I plan to use the Rollei Superpan ISO 200 B&W film I seem to have a baatch of and see what results i can extract along the IR line. I have see results from some that way. I'll see what I can do. Who knows perhaps it will work. I see the respons of the film goes into the IR range short ways so the film should perfom into that range given that the proper filters can be had and used correct;y. I should be able to do that. Can't be too hard, now can it? Keep you posted....
  3. spoilerhead
    Hey! you're not alone!

    But i can't beat your gear
    Just a 6002 and a 6008 with 80 Rolleigon, a single non ISO Magazine and some inserts.
    Going to pick up some new batteries tomorrow.
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