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Do you own/like the prism finder?

  1. Slixtiesix
    Who of you has the 45 degree prism? I´ve acquired one recently, but still prefer the waist level finder. I find it uncomfortable to view the image with only one eye. How about you?
  2. Merlin
    I always attach it to the body, when viewing throught the waist level finder is impossible. Most of the time that's when my tripod is at its full length. I used to rotate the camera 45 degrees, so I could see the image at one side or the other, but the prism is better. Other than that I seldom use it.
  3. archphoto
    I use the prism finder most of the times, the WLF sits in it case.
    The prism together with the grip is a great combination, it works for me anyway.

  4. argentic
    Merlin gave me one, but I seldomly use it.
  5. Merlin
    Next time I'll take something useful with me. Do you like a 150mm lens?
  6. lmegson
    Just as everything about the SL66 the prism is a useful extension to its versatility. Try a low level shot along a street using the lens tilt with camera on its side. The rotating prism is essential.
  7. Morry Katz
    Morry Katz
    I use the prism finder all the time. It's bright, clear and very versatile.
    Morry Katz - Lethbridge, Alberta
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