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blasphemy? or ...

  1. gandolfi
    I LOVE my SL66E, and I have 3 good lenses for it..

    However, in this period of my life, I so adore the soft images one can get, using very old inexpensive lenses, so I fitted an ole meniscus type landscape lens in an equally old emty brass barrel..
    The front of the barrel (the sun shade) fitted perfectly in the front hole of the camera, and it doesn't ruin anything in the camera..

    Voila - I now have a funny looking camera, with an amazing lens in front..

    can't wait to see the results..

    Edit: Bummer.. I can't figure out how to add images...:rolleyes:

    I'll upload in the forums...
  2. Merlin
    A camera is a tool, a means to an end. If this is what you like most, just do it. No blasphemy here...
  3. Slixtiesix
    Nice idea. Rollei always advertised this special feature, but there aren´t many who do this actually. The camera was intended for taking 3rd party lenses, so why not?
  4. gandolfi
  5. Merlin
    Lovely pictures, i like them a lot!
  6. archphoto
    Love the pic's, a bit like the Imagon........
    I have one comming, a 200mm that I will mount onto the SL extension tube set in July or so, when I am back in Europe again.

    Rollei made a provision for third party lenses to be mounted onto the SL with a special (and rare) adapter.
    They made an adapter for special close-up/macro lenses aswell.

  7. deisenlord
    I recently mounted a 6" Verito onto my SL66 and just love it. I was lucky to find a old rollei adapter on German ebay and a local machinist threaded it for $40!

    All the work here was done w/ it. The 6" is REALLY soft with big halo's if you shoot it wide open.


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