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How do you get your SL66 on a tripod and which do you use?

  1. Slixtiesix
    Hi everyone,
    I bought a Manfrotto 475B recently and it seems sturdy enough for the camera. Still searching for the right head. I have noticed that the connection between camera and head is a weak point and wonder how others solved the problem. I have also acquired the Rollei quick release but still wonder if it is optimal concerning the stability. Quick and easy to use it is
    what´s your tripod setup?
  2. Merlin
    I have a Manfrotto 410 geared head, with a fairly large ground plate. Concerning stability, I have no problems at all. It´s very sturdy. When you have a large ground plate, the ground plate is overlapping the back. So the only setback is that the back won´t go off. I always change the insert, not the back, so for me that´s not a drawback.
  3. archphoto
    Manfrotto 055XDB with the Manfrotto 410 geared head now a day's, before I used a Gitzo Studex Performance with the heaviest 3 way head Linhof ever build.
    De Gitzo is used for my Sinar P2 4x5/8x10 inch now.

  4. john_s
    Although the Rollei quick release works well, I don't use it for two reasons:

    1. The centre of gravity is high and although this wouldn't matter on some tripod heads, I prefer to use a ball head and it makes it less stable while the ball is being adjusted.

    2. With the Rollei QR on a tripod, you can't use any other camera.

    My solution is to use RRS plates and clamp release. Since they don't make a plate for the SL66 I used one with a ridge that worked ok except it prevented the lens fall to be used. And that's why I have an SL66 in the first place! So I filed some bits out of a different RSS plate. It allows full lens fall, and gives a low centre of gravity. I will try to attach some photos.

    [edit] no luck withh attaching photos. PM me if you're interested.
  5. kuri
    I've been using a Berlebach tripod on my SL66 but the ballhead I was using up until now ceased its functions ..
    So I'm looking for a nice 3-way head and I have been eyeballing with the Cullmann Magnesit 40300. Not too pricey and an OK device from what I see.
    Though I am still open for other recommendations.

  6. Morry Katz
    Morry Katz
    My SL66E rides on a Manfrotto 310 geared head atop a Manfrotto 055PROB. It's stable, compact and light enough to carry.
    If i"m moving the camera bag, it rides on a small, collapsible equipment cart. I'm too old to carry it very far.
    Morry Katz - Lethbridge, Alberta
  7. robertjonesphoto
    I think the original question addressed that the tripod mounting hole on an SL-66 is wider than the standard hole. You'll have to buy an adapter ring to thread it to a standard tripod. A camera shop worth its salt will carry one of these. Then, I'd use a big study Manfrotto, with a video head, which is what I use.
  8. Slixtiesix
    Hi Robert,

    What I originally meant was that the camera always started to losen after a while on my old head, while operating it (focussing, winding the film ... okay, my old head wasn´t suiteable for such a big camera at all). I have now bought a Gitzo G1570m and it is fantastic. It has a huge rubber covered camera plate which covers the whole bottom of the SL66. Rock steady. I´ll post some pictures as soon as I got the time...

    Greetz, Benjamin
  9. k.hendrik
    Manfrotto 028B + 808RC4 head: but mostly I use this set up for my RZ67 with motordrive+prismfinder and the SL66SE in my hand
  10. whlogan
    Morry, I thought we never got too old to carry an SL66.I'm sure not. At least not yet, anyway!

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