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sl66 repair

  1. Jeanne
    Who's doing repair of sl66s in the US these days? I have a body and a handful of backs that need working on. Luckily, they're all spares -- but I want to get them tended to before all the repair people die or disappear!

  2. Slixtiesix
    You can find a list of repairmen at www.sl66.com. I have no personal experience with repairers in the US, but often heard that Mr. Fleenor is highly recommended.

    Best Regards, Benjamin
  3. Jeanne
    Thank you! I remembered that right after I posted here and forgot to come back and say never mind. I really appreciate your taking the time, Benjamin!
  4. whlogan
    Harry is the Man to get backs fixed. he ain't cheap, but he's really good and pretty fast. I hade 2 backs with spacing problems and he fixed the right up.
  5. whlogan
    My Sl66 seems to be dead. Dead, mind you. Horrible to even consider. She has been inthe shop for about 5 months now. The shop owner, usually a reliable Rollei guys is trying to find a part and so far has failed. Seems to be checking around with shops to no avial. Has also tried making one also to no avail, I reckon. I am now even looking on KEH to buy a body at some reasoable price, if there is such a thing as "reasonable", which I am coming to doubt. Flea-bay has a few at inflated prices. I lust after an Sl66E which are even higher, but I will NOT give up. Never. Some how I will persevere and get back in business. Lenses like mine deserve use. Harry did not revive my backs to not be used again and I want to use the SL 66. I will. Even a Used/new one to me will come some happy day for me. IF any one here has a spare they could see fir to depart with, I wolud be happy to consider helping you to help me.. I feel better dumping all this out, but I do miss the SL66. Clearly it is the camera of choice. My Hasselbald lives in the closet. I am giving it away to my nephew, an excellent, budding photographer, who vows to defect from digital and come to film and learn. I will slightly miss the 'blad, but not like I miss the sick SL66. Boo hoo.
  6. whlogan
    I hope some one knowleagable once in a while looks at this group. As I have said above, my SL66 is in the shop. While looking at KEH just now they had an SL66E for sale and I jumped on it and bought it. It does not have a back. I have 3 backs and I think and hope my backs will work on the SL66E . I full well know they will not work with the meter and perhaps other feathures of the E model. If it will pull film correctly I will be pleased since I am a Zone System shooter, trained by Ansel, Cole Weston and Al Weber, so a built in meter, while nice is not one of my must have features and I will begin a search for the proper back right away, just to be sure I am doing thing right. So, the question is this: Will a just repaired (by Fleenor)SL66 back work on a SL66E? Will greatly appreciate an answer by email if it suits any of you. I would not like to damage this new SL66E. email is
    whlogan@loganphotographics.com and thank you very, very much.
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