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Macro Use

  1. flash26c
    One of the great features of our SL66 is the ability to turn the lens around, without any other gear, and get closer to our subjects. I have tryed in the past but really got tired of moving the tripod to focus. I just received a four way focus rail that really makes this usable. I was wondering how many others do Macro with their SL66 and what problems or successes you have had.
  2. Morry Katz
    Morry Katz
    I often use the 80 mm lens reversed to copy negatives on my light box. For other macro tasks I use the 120mm Macro Planar with or without the 40mm extension tube. It's a great camera system for doing macro. And it's so easy! Have fun close up.

    Morry Katz - Lethbridge, Alberta
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