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San Diego area group next meet-up Aug 24th

  1. jimjm
    Greetings All -

    Looks like our next meet-up will be on Sat, Aug 24th at about 1:00 PM in the Mission Hills area, near downtown.

    I'll be hosting this meeting at my house in South Mission Hills, as our meeting in June was up in the North County area. I will PM my address to anyone who thinks they'll be able to make it.

    We have an art studio in the house, with the bathroom doubling as my darkroom, so it'll be a good place to have the meeting. I'll have some food and drinks, but if anyone would line to bring something, that'll be great.

    I posted a general announcement on APUG, but I'll bump it every few days in case it starts to get stale.

    Maybe everyone could plan on bringing a few prints/images that they'd like to show, some camera gear they'd like to show-off, or just talk shop.

    We can also talk about a possible group outing to shoot somewhere in San Diego later this year.

    Feel free to PM or email me if you'd like.


    Jim Martin
  2. GKR1
    I'm going to try to make it to this meet.
  3. mesantacruz
    Excited about this one!
  4. Robert Oliver
    Robert Oliver
    Hope the meet went well. Sorry I missed the last two... Need to get to the next one.

    Let me know if you ever need a location. Calumet has offered me the use of their meeting room for free for activities like this, or we can do at my house.

  5. jimjm
    Hey Robert -

    Sounds great! We were discussing alternating meetings between North County and central San Diego, based on where everyone is located. Having a location to meet in North County will be helpful.
    There was talk about going on a group shoot for the next meeting, probably in Oct or Nov. Some ideas floated around included the railroad museum in Campo, maybe the Desert Tower in Jacumba, or any other suggestions that come up.

    We had 3 attend the last meeting and we hope to have more for the next one. Everyone's shooting 35mm and MF, with some LF also, and we had some great prints shown at the meeting. B/W seems to be the emphasis, but so far everything's been pretty informal and open.

    I like the photos on your web site - especially the Chickenfoot Lake shot. Hope you can make it to the next meet-up!

  6. GKR1
    I could not make it out to the meet, had family obligations.

    When is the next outing or meet?
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