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The best place to buy film/paper/chemicals/etc.

  1. Luseboy
    Hey all,
    Just wanted to let everyone know about Glass Key Photo on Haight street in SF. It is the best place to buy film, run buy a guy who frequents on here. He gives internet pricing, and has a full stock of film, from 35mm, to 4x5, color, B&W, outdated, brand new. You want it, he's probably got it. Anyways, he's a really nice guy and the shop is awesome. It's new which is why most of you don't know about it i'd imagine. But it has become my new favorite shop, and it's worth the drive from the north bay for me.
    p.s.- here's the website: www.glasskeyphoto.com
  2. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    Yes, I can second the recommendation for Glass Key Photo. Matt has a very interesting stock of film, paper, and darkroom chemicals For instance I stopped in yesterday and picked up some Pyrocat HD. Also a big plus is the fact that Glass Key is open Sat. and Sun. The shop is located inside Rookey Recardo's record store, for all you vinyl enthusiasts.

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