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  1. Justride408
    Yup! We got very lucky! I have 4 more exposures to take before I develop. I will do the same if anything comes out! Talk to ya soon.
  2. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    Well I have my film processed, have printed one neg from late Sat. Tried scanning the print, but it looks like crap. I really need something better than an HP all in one. Once I have my other negs printed I will scan them down at SF Photo Center and post them, or at least the ones that are decent.

    Rudy how's your film coming?

  3. Justride408
    Hey Roger! Which shot came out the best? I finally shot through the rest of my film and will be taking them in tomorrow for processing! I will let you know how they come out. When did you want to shoot again??

  4. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    Good question, the first shot of the GGB, looks actually look pretty nice, that was with the 210mm. I processed the other negs, and those exposures look good but a couple of the negs have problems. The best neg of the city has a sratch, and the shots with the 135mm of the GGB have focus problems.

    I'm going to the the darkroom, and will try and print the city shot, plus scan everything so I can post yhe results.

  5. Justride408
    Im glad at least one came out! Im getting my film back tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!
  6. Justride408
    finally got my film back! To my excitement, 4 of the 6 pics came out decent! I will get them scanned and uploaded asap. Maybe sometime in March we can do another shoot and have some more people on board.

    Awesome job on your photos as well!!! 2 of my images have scratches :-( bummed about that...
  7. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    Glad to here that some shots came out, especially since it's a "new" camera. Of my six exposures all af the negs have some sort of problems although two are definitely printable. Others have focus problems and one has a nasty scratch. Still fun, hadn't had the 4x5 out for a while, hadn't done any night stuff for a while, new film and developer Combo, processed at San Francisco Photo Center for the first time, so I was totally happy to have any results at all.

    It will be interesting to see you shots, so post them for sure. Also March sounds good for another shoot, any ideas on where to go? I'm still up for Stockton. Also a friend just told me about some old bunkers near the vets hospital here in SF which I'm going to check out.

  8. Justride408

    Yea, I thought I had shaken the camera on at least 2 of the shots, but the film doesnt reflect that. I have 2 images of the SF skyline with light trails from a few planes. Im getting them scanned on Tuesday and I will upload asap.

    Im pretty open Thursdays and Fridays in Stockton. Im also in San Jose Sunday night through Tuesday night. Maybe we can try another night session after the March meetup. I was thinking the 3rd week of March would be good.

    Anyone else active in this forum???
  9. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    Rudy, your photograph look great, very cool that you were shooting color. Sorry I've been slow to respond to your post. I was doing a cabinet job and have been stressing about it. Anyway yes definely want to go night shooting again. If you want to come up here just say when. I could also meet you in San Jose.

    I'm also up for a trip to Stockton. I have a borrowed lens That I would like to shoot with. The lens is suppose to be returned on the 15th, so if you wanted to get together before then that would be great. Maybe the 9th, 15th, or 16th. (I'm sure I can keep the lens an extra day). If not no problem just let me know when's good.

  10. Justride408
    Hey Roger. Im avaiable March 15/16 in Stockton. Those are my days off. I would just have to be done around 2. An early morning shoot would be fun, weather permitting. Let me know!
  11. Roger Thoms
    Roger Thoms
    How about the 15th? How early?

  12. Mbitions Markus
    Mbitions Markus
    Hi guys,

    another new member from the East Bay. Came across APUG when I googled for some information re: alternative film developing etc.
    My photography is my time capsule : coverage of the environment and the people in it. The urbanscapes and the landscapes, the people
    as they are or intentionally posed.
    I hope nobody hates me for also shooting digital but you can also see me hiding behind the viewfinder of Lubitel 2, Olympus Pen EES-2, Zeiss Ikon Contessa LBE and Minolta SRT-200
    and then disappearing in a walk-in niche of the bathroom to develop.

    - Markus
  13. Mark_S
    Welcome Markus.

    I have been thinking about doing a project on urbanscapes - in particular highway overpasses and interchanges. I believe that we may have reached the peak for this type of development, and I find the combination of geometric shapes and sheer size of the structures to be fascinating. My thought at this point is to work with wide angle lenses - probably a 75mm on a 4x5. I am located in the south bay, in San Jose, and just completed construction of a dedicated darkroom in the corner of the garage.

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