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Replacement Sinar 10x8" bellows

  1. John Austin
    Do any of you have knowledge about the quality of the cheap bellows sold by eBay Member ecbuyonline2008?

  2. John Austin
    John Austin
    Well, so much for that question, to which I got no answer - I have ordered the bellows and will let you know my impression, should you be interested, which I presume you are not

    Or am I the last Sinar Norma user out here? - If I am the last user give me your extension beds, frames and bellows for both 5x4 and 10x8" Normas - Also I need a set of WA bellows for the 10x8"

  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, John;

    What a surprise. I did not notice your message until your second posting yesterday.

    The standard recommendation I have given is the Custom Bellows people in England, ( www.custombellows.com ). Previously they were known as Camera Bellows, and made just about all of the bellows used on cameras made in Europe. They have patterns in stock for just about anything you can name.

    If instead you prefer working with someone in the United States, I can look up the few I recall. The one on The Big Island is known to be very good, but occasionally slow.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  4. Bertil
    Hello jbaphoto, not being a Norma user I use several Norma stuff: a Sinar behind the lens shutter for the Norma works well on my F and P cameras as well as my 8x10 back, bellows etc. etc.
    Though not being a Norma user I will not give away my Norma stuff!!
    Lot of Norma stuff on eBay! Good luck!
    About the bellows from ecbuyline2008, any good?
  5. John Austin
    John Austin
    ecbuyonline bellows are very light weight and thin and although described as being specifcally for Sinar have no end frames - These bellows will now go on my Tachihara fjord camera

    Thanks Ralph, I will get in contact with Custom Bellows in England

    I have looked again at my tape and glue repair to my Norma bellows and am surprised with the quality of the repair, which I did fairly quickly - Shutting the bellows folded the repair tape in very neatly - This is luck, I claim no skill, or as we say in Australia "More arse than class"
  6. Bertil
    About repairing bellows, in the group "Graphics et al" I once replied the following way with my own experience from repairing bellows:

    "I've repaired some of my 8x10 and 5x7 Sinar bellows with quite thin black tape, www.stokvistapes.com, works fine, as far as I can see, and wasn't very difficult. I heavily stretched out the bellows, looked more like a cone with sharp edges (don't know the proper name for this geometrical figure!), put the tape the whole way over the edge. Only problem was to get a good ending, easy to make a good start. I suggest using one piece of tape from the front and one from the rear side and make a proper meeting half way. You should try to get one hand inside the bellows meeting the other outside - not bad, I think, if you have more than two hands! Ask some friend to assist holding the tape. Properly done it should work quite well - and not necessarily ugly, quite the opposite!"

    Neither do I claim skill, but I'm quite satisfied with the results and my bellows are after several years use light tight and easy to work with!
    Best Regards
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, John;

    On the topic of the activity of the SINAR Users forum, over the last few years, it has not been great. In fact, I would describe it as limited to occasional spurts. My own efforts to contact Falkenberg, the Group owner, have proven fruitless. There was an occasion when he posted a message in another forum here on APUG, and I sent a message to him within hours of that posting, but there was no reply then either. I really am not sure what is going on with the SINAR Users forum.

    At one time, we did have a fair collection of information in the files section for the SINAR cameras, but back when an earlier shift from one APUG server to another APUG server occurred, those files did not transfer over along with the message files. That was my main reason for trying to contact Falkenberg. I had hope that he might still have the source files for that information and could post them again to the Files Section. Slowly I am beginning to accumulate some information about a few SINAR cameras. If it looks like this is in a presentable form, I will begin posting that information in the Files Section.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  8. John Austin
    John Austin
    Thanks Ralph,

    Perhaps this snapshot will encourage more pople to return to Sinar use

    [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\JBA pix\JBAphotos\Neg scans\negscans2011\jbaphoto1101003A2.jpg[/IMG]

    (Hmm, that didn't work)
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