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Help Polaroid 405 compatibility with SinarF2

  1. Meirronaldi
    I have a thread going in the section related to this. I am trying to use a Polaroid 405 film holder for 3x4 instant film with my Sinar F2 4x5 but it does not seem to fit. The film holder has a tab or raised section where you pull the film tab out that prevents the holder from seating properly against the camera when mounted in the back. It fits into the Graphlock back fine, clips into the graphlock back no problem even with the GG still attached but then the back will not mount into the camera as this raised tab hits against the side or top, depending on orientation of the film, of the standard. Does anyone here know if the actual Fuji holder will work as it is a slightly different shape? Has anyone ever modified a Polaroid 405 holder successfully cutting down the plastic tab to make it fit? The smaller size film is so much cheaper. The used holders are not cheap, I picked this on up for $100, but it might be worth the risk of ruining a holder to make this work. I also have the PA-145 for 4x5 film. It works like a dream but the film is very expensive and I understand that Fuji has discontinued the 4x5 size.
  2. flash26c
    I also have a PA145 holder but it takes the smaller size film, not 4X5. It woundn't seat in my F. It would have been nice to know that it wouldn't work before I bought it!
  3. flash26c
    Meirronaldi, I took the metal trim off the back on the load side and my PA145 now works!! You might want to give that a try before you butcher something up.
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