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  1. coat953
    Hi everyone, this group seems a little quiet! I have recently bought an F1, with 3 lenses and am really enjoying relearning photography! As I use it out in the field, I was wondering if anyone had come up with creative solutions for backpacking a Sinar? I have a great old case, but 100 metres is about my limit for carrying it!
  2. Bertil
    Hello, not just a little quiet!
    But about backpacking; se the group discussion below: How do you pack your Sinar for longer hikes?
  3. coat953
    Hi Bertl, thanks for the pointer, I'll look more carefully next time! I've actually managed to fit out a Lowepro Dryzone 200 backpack to take the assembled F1, with 150 lens attached, 2 extra lenses, 4 double dark slides, film, filters, extension rail, changing bag and dark cloth. I'm now mobile!
  4. Bertil
    Sounds good, I will take a look at this Lawepro Dryzone 200.
  5. coat953
    What's good about it is it's nice and deep and will take the assembled camera with no problems at all. however, it's not cheap. I bought mine 10 years ago, but the current price is around £350.00. On the other hand, it is totally waterproof and even floats!
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