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Bag bellows for Sinar F2

  1. MSchuler
    I am wondering if anyone uses the "bag bellows 2" for 4x5 that is intended for focal lengths under 75mm. Is this bellows just more flexible, to permit movements? I have two rollfilm backs and am considering getting some very short lenses to that would be moderate wide angles for 6x6 and 6x9 and am wondering if this rarer bag bellows is really necessary.
  2. cdholden
    Rick Denney swears by it for use with the 65mm, though I never put mine to use on a SINAR... instead, opting to have it mounted on a Globuscope body. Apparently the Bag Bellow 2 has pleating that allows your front and rear standards to get closer together than it would with the more common bag bellows.
  3. MSchuler
    Thanks - If I look into getting any superwide lenses, I will consider tracking this bellows down.
  4. MJEG
    I use the bag bellows 1 with my 45mm 4.5 Sinaron. I have had no issues focusing or with any movements (I dont think i have been very extreme with the 45mm movement wise), and with recessed lensboards (highly recommended for any lens under 65mm). I wouldnt worry about getting the bag bellows 2 for medium format use, the bag bellows 2 only really becomes useful with super wide/fisheye lenses and extreme movements of the lens/film planes.
  5. StephenSteinke
    I use the bag bellows
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