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Sinar Users Group Files

  1. David A. Goldfarb
    This thread is for posting files related to the Sinar Users Group on APUG--


    The filesize limit for PDF files is 927.7 KB currently.
  2. Falkenberg
    Here is a pdf file, called Sinar Service manual
  3. Falkenberg
    Here is a pdf file with the 2001 catalog. It is a good reference to partnumbers.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    OK, guys;

    Where are they?

    Is another "undocumented feature" of the "new Groups format" also the loss of the group files? Falkenberg posted (under the old system) two (2) *.pdf files on a Sinar Service Manual and the 2001 Sinar Catalog. Where are they? Where did they go? How do you find them under the "new Groups format" system?

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  5. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    It looks like these files have been lost in the upgrade. Sean probably has them backed up somewhere, but since he's busy with his new job, it may be easier for Falkenberg to repost them, if they're handy.
  6. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Okay, looking back in my own archive, I think I have Falkenberg's "Sinar Service Manual" and I also have a scan of the F/C/P manual, but I'm not quite sure where to post them. I think the problem is that threads under this upgrade don't have an attachment facility. If I can find some place to put them, I'll upload them, but if not, maybe I'll just start a new thread in the regular APUG forum for large format and post them there.
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Thank you, David;

    It has been a while, and the files have been missed. Having something to study for at least learning the terminology they use helps when talking with the Sinar or Sinar-Bron people about parts.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins, Latte Land, Washington
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