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Sinaron/Copal shutter release cable

  1. ostgardlaw
    I'm very excited about the F! I just acquired with a pair of mounted Sinaron lens/shutter units - a 210 MC and a 90 MC; these units are marked in the normal fashion with f stops and shutter speeds, and I can cock and release the shutters by hand (and they are pretty quiet compared to my KOWA medium format butterfly shutters).

    I have no cable shutter release. No sync cable either.

    I see Sinar Auto Aperture Copal shutter cable releases on ebay from time to time. Are my units likely to be "auto aperture" Copal shutters which can use these cable releases? I've heard these shutters require an extra long 'throw'. How much should I be willing to pay?

    Do any of you folks have a spare you'd sell me? I'd rather deal with a fellow Sinar-head than an anonymous ebay seller.
  2. ostgardlaw
    After posting my query, I looked closely at the assembly and decided to try my plain old generic shutter release I use with the push button on my medium format; it seems to screw in securely and it trips the shutter just fine. I'm assuming the other discussions I've read about Sinar/Copal shutter release cables must be dealing with the non-integrated Copal shutter? Or is my lens/shutter assembly going to explode like an over-wound pocket watch the third or fourth time I push the cable release?

    I just got the kit days ago and I've been like a housecat with a new toy, creeping up to it and batting at it a couple of times and then retreating to a corner to stare at it some more.
  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    First, I like your description of the first few days with your new Sinar F. Yes, I recognize that feeling also. I did it too. And, having four cats here, I especially appreciate your analogy.

    The question about the Sinar Cable Release is a good one. I do not have an answer, but I am wondering if it is for use with the Behind-the-Lens shutter mechanism that can be used on the Sinar. It would seem reasonable to require some kind of a staged or sequential dual cable release to both stop down the lens and then fire the shutter. I am not sure. I have been trying to find the files that Falkenberg left here for a Sinar Catalog that gave part numbers, and a Sinar Service Manual, but they seem to be gone since the conversion to "the New Groups Format."

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
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