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Sinar Norma CLA Guide

  1. felipemorgan
    I just posted a guide to CLA-ing the Sinar Norma: http://www.philipmorgan.net/photogra...ar-norma-clas/

    It's a bit rough, but because there's nothing else out there on this subject, I thought I'd make my own contribution.
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Felipe;

    Thank you for your contribution and posting of the link to your notes and photographs for a CLA on the Sinar Norma. While I do not have a Sinar Norma, your notes and photographs are informative and will be a help in my working with my own Sinar F1.

    There were some other informative and helpful files here on the Sinar Users Group, but they seem to have disappeared. I hope that work is progressing on perhaps locating those files or reloading those files.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  3. John Austin
    John Austin
    Thanks for this guide - My old 5x4" Norma is in fine condition as I used a Linhof for commercial location work, but after I retired I bought a 10x8" Norma which needs a great deal of tender loving care - Hoverer at Au$400 for camera, ext rail, Shanel shutter with 420mm RClaron, 5 DDS and fitted case I am not complaining - I have already spent Au100 on new rail bits for it and your steps 51-54 are what is going to happen today

    Perfect timing
  4. felipemorgan
    Hi jbaphoto,

    I'm happy to hear the Sinar Norma CLA Text Guide has been helpful to you!

    I do hope to update it with more photographs and information, but I got sort of sidetracked creating a video version of the guide, which I am selling on eBay. The next time I CLA my own Norma, I shall have the digisnapper ready to make more and better illustrative photographs to use in updating the text guide.

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