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Base tilt and focus

  1. normmamiya
    I'm a newcomer in LF.
    I' got a F1 recently. If I understand OK the tilt is a base type. Does it means that there is no way to make the focus on this axe and see it on the GG at the same time?. I'm a bit confused. I'm waiting for a handbook. For the swing, it's axial, so if I did the focus in the center and I swing, the center . If I tilt the rear first to correct vertical lines per example and after, I focus to the background, I set the DOF knob and I focus for the foreground for the max DOF...for f22 per example...am I on the good way?
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Norm Mamiya;

    It is a little bit surprising that one of our very experienced SINAR users has not responded to your question. I fear that I lack the qualification to fully understand and be able to comment on your question myself. I bought my first SINAR only a year and a half back. I am still learning the thing. And, it is still teaching me.

    Perhaps if others notice that there has been recent activity in the forum, they may read your question and offer a comment.


    Latte Land, Washington
  3. flash26c
    You can use the DoF scale after you have made all the swing and tilts - 1) focus on the farthest point you want in focus - 2) set the DoF scale to the zero point by lining the arrow on the scale with the dot on the camera turning the scale only, not the knob - 3) focus on the nearest point to be in focus using only the fine focus knob on the rear standard - 4) set your aperture to the f/stop indicated on the Dof scale - 5) turn the fine focus knob back until the scale reads half your working f/stop. You are now focused at the optimum point for that DoF.
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