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  1. Falkenberg
    Well I just have the idea that this site could be a repository with everything Sinar. Post whatever You find that other user could find interesting.

    If any of You are looking for lenses and part, check out my listing here on apug. I have some very cheap lenses without shutter. I have marked my DB Copal shutter down.
  2. Richard Wasserman
    Richard Wasserman
    I'm in! I have a Norma with 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 rear standards, and more bits and pieces than I can count. I use it primarily as a 4x5 camera with lenses from 80mm to 450mm. When Bostick and Sullivan start making their albumen paper the, 5x7 and 8x10 backs are going to get more use I think. Great camera system

    Richard Wasserman

    Richard Wasserman
  3. Shmoo
    Me, too! I'm in! Sinar F2 with 3 lenses (150 mm Sinaron N, 90 mm SA XL, and 305 mm G-Claron).
  4. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    I've posted a photograph of the 4x5" sliding back mounted on an 8x10->4x5 reducing back on a P, and I've posted a 5x5" grid overlay with various format markings that can be printed out on overhead projector film and used on the viewing side of the sliding back. The overlay is adapted from the free overlays on Dave Parker's Satinsnow Glass website. I sent a copy to Dave when I made it, but I don't know that he got around to posting it.
  5. Falkenberg
    I have a Sinar P service manual, a small servicemanual, wich seems to consist of dictionary and stuff like that, and a 214 page lens mounting manual. It has a lot of information on shutter and all. Unfortunately the file is almost 20 MB. All three are pdf files. Any ideas on where to post them. It is not possible in here yet.
  6. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    I also have a basic manual for the F, C, and P in PDF format and don't know where to post it. I don't know if Sean can give us that kind of space, even if there is a facility for posting files as attachments.

    Meanwhile his suggestion is to create a forum thread, and attachments could be posted to posts in the thread. I'll create the thread, and see what the file size limits are.
  7. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Okay, I created a thread for posting attachments, but I think the filesize limits are going to be too small for most things--just under 1 Mb for a PDF. My F/C/P manual is about 5 Mb. So if you've got smaller attachments, post them here--

  8. CGross
    I just added a picture of my new bag setup that carries my Sinar. Bruce from Photobackpacker created a 4 sided box that Velcro's to his backerboard so the camera is secured and protected inside the bag. It works like a champ. If anyone wants to see different pictures of the set up let me know.
  9. GeorgesGiralt
    Hi !
    For large file, I use a convenience given by my ISP. it is located at http://dl.free.fr/ unfortunately only in French ;-) but it should be self expanatory. If you use the Web interface, size is limited to a 1GB barrier, but if you go through FTP, you can reach 10GB.
    The file once downloaded has got an URL given to you allowing everbody knowing the URL to download it. It will stay online as long as someboody download it in a 30 days period of time. You get an URL to clean up the file if you decide to do so.
  10. GeorgesGiralt
    Hi Falkenberg !
    I would be delighted to get you lens manual. And everything you may have pertaining to maintenance. My Sinar Norma need a good overhaul, nobody in my area is willing to do it, and I wonder if I would have problems when re-assembling it ....So any manuals pertaining to that from Sinar would be good to read ;-)
    TIA !
  11. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Okay, now that I see how to create a forum linked to a group, I've created a Sinar Users group forum, and I moved the thread I created yesterday for posting files other than images (<1 Mb, alas) to the new group forum.
  12. loman
    Hi everybody. Today I just got a complete 4x5 5x7 8x10 sinar norma kit, with a sinar copal shutter, a symmar 180mm lens and a 14" commercial ektar. I've had two 5x7 normas that both had issues (the last one I bought back as part of this new deal because I figured out the problem, more on this later), but I'm so happy with this purchase (actually it was more an exchange and I only paid 50 dollars for three new fidelity 13x18 film holders).
    There are some small issues, chiefly that some of the spirit levels (bubble levels?) are missing. Does anybody know where I can find new ones?
    Also what material would you use as light traps to replace the old ones, in my 5x7 norma back. I need to both change the felt (or is it velour?) light trap where the dark slides "slide in" and the rubbery material (that has completely disintegrated) in the back itself.
    Thanks for your responses.
    Best Regards
    Mads Hartmann
  13. TMX2001
    Good Deal. I am with the program.
  14. Falkenberg
    The 2 other pdf files I have are 13 MB and 19 MB. Where should I pst them. Do any of You know a good place ?
  15. Falkenberg
    As I wrote, I mailed Sinars public relations. Here is the reply I got:

    Hello Mr.Falkenberg
    Thank you for your interest in Sinar cameras and for informing us about your group.
    Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to dispatch someone to participate in your group.
    What we could do though is to feature you in our monthly newsletter. This would probably get you some more participants and therefore a wider knowledge base.
    If you would like to do that you could write a little article (max. 300 words) which we would feature in the "did you know" section.
    Please send the article to our Andrea Imthurn (andrea.imthurn@sinarcameras.com)who edits the newsletter.
    Best regards,

    Sinar AG
    Lorenz C. Koch
    PR & Communications Manager
    Stadtweg 24
    8245 Feuerthalen/Switzerland

    Phone: +41 (0)52 647 07 56
    Fax: +41 (0)52 647 06 06
  16. Falkenberg
    Anybody that want to give it a go with writing the text ?
  17. nick mulder
    nick mulder
    Sinar P -

    Two complete set ups if I wish, one 8x10 and the other 4x5, but as parts are interchangeable I mostly use the gear in an extended 8x10 setup for larger than 1:1 mag

  18. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Lorenz Koch and Thierry Hagenauer from Sinar are active over at http://www.openphotographyforums.com/ but there it's all about promoting their high end digital backs and the Hy6.
  19. Marc Leest
    Marc Leest
    I will gladly write a text as a analog adept as well as a Sinar User for the montly newsletter. Please provide me with the neccesary coordinates.
  20. Falkenberg
    Idea for a "slogan":
    Sinar users have got all the right moves
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