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Sinar Users

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  1. Falkenberg
    These are the official distributor of Sinar equipment in Denmark. The are familiar with both new and old equipment. They also stock both Kodak and Ilford 4x5 film in most varieties. Larger sizes on order. They are all very helpfull. Esben is very knowledgeable with many year of experience.

    H O T H E R A/S
    Bygmestervej 2
    DK-2400 København NV
    Phone: (+45) 33 93 13 97*
    Fax: (+45) 33 93 97 54
    E-mail: hother@hother.dk
    Opening hours (Monday - Friday*8.30 og 16.00)*
  2. TMX2001
    I will admit I do enjoy using my (4x5) Sinar F2.
    I love the very high precision of it all when I am using the camera .
    It is almost sexy.

    I especially love the zen-like mindset that comes when I am using the camera. When trying to work out a very knotty problem, I will set up the camera and spend time setting up a photograph...but never taking the picture.

    I find doing this far better than taking drugs or drinking.
  3. Otiica
    A Sinar F2 (w/ Sinaron 210mm) was the first 4x5 camera I ever owned. I love photographing in the outdoors (including hiking w/ my cameras) so I sold it and replaced it with a wista flatbed. Then I added a Zone VI 8x10. I always missed the Sinar and a year or so ago was able to purchase another one (F1). I was delighted to find that the Sinar lensboards fit my Zone VI and now all my lenses are on Sinar boards. I've upgraded the F1 again to a F2 (and just this week won a P2 at on-line live auction, I can't wait to see it, I've never seen one). The F2 and 3 lenses and film holders, and accessories all fit in one of the old style Sinar Cases (the ones that double as a stepladder according to the metal plate inside). It's not very portable but if I'm working in one location or I know I'm staying within a few feet of the car it is so much nicer to use than any other camera I've ever used. I especially love it with my Nikkor-SW 120 and 150 lenses.
  4. Falkenberg
    Do any of You know if there exist an original Sinar box that will hold a complete Norma set with 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 including lenses and all accesories. Currently I have it in 3 boxes. I know it will be heavy, but I am sure it will be worth it.
  5. Falkenberg
    I have posted an ad wit original Sinar filters. http://www.apug.org/classifieds/show...cat=500&page=1
  6. Falkenberg
  7. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Sinar Users;

    Unfortunately, I cannot yet claim to be a Sinar User. I tried, but when I came back with money to the shop where the F2 had been, he had put it onto e-Bay. I had offered him $ 500, and he got $ 400 for it on e-bay after all of the fees and brokerage charges. Time for me to be patient again.

    I have 35 mm gear, and a 2 & 1/4 Square. It is interesting to note the difference in taking a photograph with 35 mm in comparison with even 2 & 1/4 Square. The larger formats do seem to promote a more deliberate and considered process.


    Ralph Javins
  8. Falkenberg
    Ralph, You might be able to find a nice Sinar system in Europa that might be cheaper even with shipping to the US. Sinar Normas are dirt cheap here in Denmark and probably in the rest of europe. I have just passed on a 4x5 Norma with tripod and lenses for 200 USD.
  9. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Sinar Users;

    A measure of success: This time I did get a Sinar F1 with a Caltar 210 mm f 5.6 lens and a Copal Number 1 leaf shutter. There is also a case, some film holders, and a Polaroid back along with a beam extension. While I do have a book entitled VIEW CAMERA TECHNIQUE, there are other questions already.

    There are two (2) small rods 5 mm in diameter and 46 mm long that are used when storing or carrying the F1. They seem to go on the lower part of the rear standard. How do you put them in?

    Can anyone recommend a source for an owner's manual for the F1?

    While I do have the book mentioned above, VIEW CAMERA TECHNIQUE, published in the early 1950's, are there any other texts that are recommended?

    As is obvious, I am one 4 by 5 user who is just starting out. Any suggestions, recommendations, and guidance whould really be appreciated.


    Ralph Javins

    When they ask you how many megapixels you have in your camera, just tell them; "I use activated silver-bromide crystals for my image storage medium."
  10. CGross
    Congratulations Ralph. I got my manual from www.glennview.com . I later found out that I possibly could have gotten one mailed to me (photocopy) from Sinar. I would contact them. Here is an email I correspond with them at occasionally. TECH@sinarcameras.com

    As far as the 2 rods you mention. You may have to post a picture. They quite possibly may be the compendium bellows rods.
  11. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Boy, the things they DO NOT tell you when you buy a large format camera. My tripods are certainly capable of holding the Sinar F1. The tripod heads are not. My quick release plates are just not big enough for the mounting base of the Sinar. My local friendly camera pusher had a used Gitzo No. 4 that is big enough. It is on the Bogen/Manfrotto 3036 now. The Davis and Sanford needs to have an adapter plate. I will make that out of 5/16 aluminum plate.

    It looks like all of the equipment will be ready for the APUG gathering in Newport, Oregon, this weekend. One of the sessions is entitled; "Ultra Large Format Technigue" by Don Nelson with his 12 by 20. I hope that it will "scale down" for me. Don did recommend that I bring the F1 along.


    Ralph Javins

    When they ask you how many megapixels you have in your camera, just tell them; "I use activated silver-bromide crystals for my image storage medium."
  12. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Sinar users;

    The APUG associated US Pacific Northwest Regional group gathering in Newport, Oregon, over last weekend was quite successful. Very informative, and very interesting people. Discovering the ways that many of us have things in common was delightful.

    Don Nelson did indeed show his 12 by 20 view camera. An impressive tool. He also spent some time showing me a few little things that make working with the Sinar F-1 easier. I am beginning to see some of the things I am to look for while moving various parts of the F-1. Seeing some of the accessories that other people have with their cameras also indicates the desirability of getting a couple of other things that will make using the camera more enjoyable.


    Ralph Javins
  13. BlueLemon
    I use a Sinar P with 8x10 + 5x7 + 4x5 and also a Horseman 6x7 with halfcircular rotating back (don´t know the exact name - only how to operate). Lenses are mostly old Petzval and Soft focus lenses and a bunch of other tacksharp ones.

    Sinar because its versatile, cheap and rugged. Also i have a Technika V and with an adapter i can mount my technika boards onto the Sinar system. Nice feature.

    Lenses which I have found to be just gorgious - my first Jamin Darlot - so nice to work with, lots of movement.

    But i still have to try these babies out :

    10 inch Ilex Soft focus Plasticca
    14,5 inch Verito Soft focus
    305 mm Kodak Portrait Soft focus
    360 mm Heliar
    and my newest baby - Jamin Darlot Vis á portrait

    Now i just have to our new studio to be ready after restoration

    Claus Stensgaard
  14. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Claus;

    Welcome to the Sinar Users Group, and, thank you for writing something for this forum. I had begun to wonder if anyone else was even looking at this forum.

    If you have read some of the previous messages, you will note that I am a new user of Sinar and of large format equipment. Any little comments that you add, such as the note about the adapter for using Technika lens boards on a Sinar, are appreciated. I am still learning.


    Ralph Javins
  15. bill h
    bill h
    Hi folks, I shoot an F1 with a couple of lenses, mostly in the studio downstairs, mostly with strobes, always with black and white. How many take this beast outdoors?
  16. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Bill;

    My F1 goes outside fairly often. It is set on a Bogen 3026 and Gitzo Number 4 head or on an old Davis and Sanford Model B adapted. I do carry it in the larger Sinar carrying case. One thing I do need to find is an umbrella that can be mounted to the tripod. Rain does happen out here in Latte Land. So far I have loaded only black and white film. I am still learning how to use the thing.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  17. RPippin
    Hello everyone. I'm new to large format and have aquired a Sinar 4X5 that I believe to be an Alpina (be kind please). I'm looking forward to doing some shooting in my rather small darkroom/studio and would appreciate any constructive advice on using this fine camera. I shot some practice film this month of some Pomagranets with a black velvet backround. They were very overexposed even though I used a light meter and some modeling lights, not flash, and the proper focal length lens. I didn't compensate for bellows extension and this might be a contributing factor in getting the exposure wrong. Thanks for any input, sage advice and good wit.
  18. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, RPippin;

    Welcome to the Sinar Users Group. I hope the Sinar Alpina is a Christmas gift for you. As another person who does not have years of experience with large format, I can say that you are in for a learning experience. I received my Sinar F-1 only last summer, and I am learning photoghraphy all over again. You may find a similar effect as you begin to use your Alpina. With 4 by 5, I seem to be much more contemplative and deliberate than I am with 35 mm or 2.25 Square. I now look at how I want to take the photograph, when I want to take it, and what changes in the photograph might happen as the vantage point, the sun, the weather, and other factors change. It is very different.

    You will find a collection of people here with a volume of knowledge they are willing to share. One fellow even spent some time with me showing me some of the ways that a view camera moves and what to watch for when you do move it.

    There are also some references to useful books that help when making the transition from roll film to sheet film and a view camera. Again, welcome to the group.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  19. CGross
    Hi Bill,
    I take my F Series outdoors all the time. A pic of my bag is posted on the right. I worked with Photobackpacker.com to have custom case made that secures my Sinar complete without a lens.
    I have only made a handfull of exposures inside!

    RPippin - welcome to Large Format. Enjoy the Sinar!
  20. Bertil
    I have a 4x5 Sinar F1/F2; 5x7 and 8x10 P1. Nikkor SW 65/4, Fujinon SW 90/8, Symmar 150/5.6, Symmar-S 240/5.6, Rodenstock Rotelar 270/5.6; APO-Nikkor process lenses 360/9, 480/9 and 760/11. Several lenses mounted on Graphic lens boards; with an adapter I can use them on my Graphics and also my Graphic lenses on the Sinar. (DeVere504 Dichromat and Durst 138 S). What I really lack is more knowledge and experience of these LF equipments; worked almost exclusively with Hasselblad 500 C the last 25 years, mostly landscape. But LF is a new world, and for landscape quite heavy! I sometimes take my Graphic!
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