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Sinar Users

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  1. Marc Leest
    Usin' a Sinar F2 4x5 and soon 8x10
  2. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    I use a Sinar P 8x10" and also have a 4x5" reducing back and 4x5" sliding back for it along with various other Sinar bits and pieces. I used to own a 4x5" F as well but sold it, because I had more 4x5" cameras than I needed.
  3. 2F/2F
    Am I supposed to leave a message?

    Well, I am a fairly recent convert to the world of Sinar, coming from a 60-year-old Graflex system consisting of a Graphic View II and a Pacemaker Speed Graphic. Had coveted Sinars for years, and finally got one in a trade. Added several lenses...sold the GV II. Will never sell my Speed, though.

    My camera started as an F1. Then I added a P front standard. My lenses are the following, all in DB mount: Rodenstock 90mm f/4.5, Schneider 121mm f/8, Rodenstock 210mmm f/5.6, Schneider 240mm f/5.6, Schneider 360mm f/5.6. (For the Speed, I have a 127 Ektar and a 180 Tele-Xenar.)

    I shoot all sorts of subject matter with this camera. Most recently landscapes, portraits, and still lifes (all in color).

    My next big step will hopefully be an 8x10 rear end and a 5x7 reducer.
  4. Falkenberg
    I have 2 Normas. One with only 4x5". The other with 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10" all are rear standards, not reducers. I have a lot of bits and pieces, some are for sale in the classifieds. Tuesday I will know if I am the owner of 3 P2┤s with lots of different stuff. Including a 8x10 back. Most of it will probably become for sale here too. I am doing inventory of all the bits and pieces, and will post them here too.
  5. edtbjon
    My relation with Sinar started long ago, with an old F, which was later used as a backup etc. for a new P2. This was back in the -80ies. A couple of years later on my photography business went down and these cameras were sold.
    Now I own an F2 and a custom C which was put together from a P back standart (4x5" and 5x7" backs). The C came with a Norma front standart, but I'm looking for a good deal on a P front standart. I bought the C with a lot of goodies from an old pro a couple of years ago.
    I own a number of lenses (Eh, a few too many... ) from 80mm to 480mm. (Rarely use anything above 240 though.) Having a couple of Sinar shutters at hand makes using old barrel lenses real fun. (It kind of feels more consistent than the "patented Jim Galli shutter", if you know what I mean.)
    I honestly think that Sinar is the very best camera system for large format photography. It's easy to use, consistent, rugged and there are lots of parts and pieces available. The scales and gadgets for focusing and movements is the icing on the cake which puts it above other well built cameras. Oh yes, of course also the backward compatibility which is even better than that of Hasselblad. While nowadays doing photography only as a hobby, the professional Sinar system is very comforting.

  6. Trond
    I own a Norma 4x5" with an extra sliding back for 6x9, lenses from 65mm to 210, and lots of other bits and pieces.
  7. CBG

    No. I'm not in denial. I'm not addicted to Sinars. I have merely accumulated a 4x5 P and an 8x10 back for same, and a 5x7 Norma, and an 8x10 Norma and another 8x10 Norma. You shouldn't assume I have a "problem".

    Stop snickering! I see you snickering over there. I just like them. That's all there is to it. And the extra 8x10 Norma will be good for parts.

    Next you'll be expecting me to publicly admit "equipment issues". Not a chance! Not over my cold dead collection of auxilliary standards. Or my three wide angle bellows. I need all of them.

    I'm not hoarding. I'm simply collecting in depth.

  8. Sparky
    Okay- I'll be nonchalant... I have a bunch of sinar gear and love it. Been using it for years. It was a complete revelation to me after starting out with an ancient kodak rail cam (this was around '84) -> arca swiss -> linhof -> cambo legend (each was a dramatic upgrade from the former). Then I got my X in 97 or so and two F2s later on... which I use for parts mostly (lens shade holder, copy camera, etc...). Such a great system. It's heavy as HELL (I use a C2 configuration to do field work when I have to - with a huge tripod and massive majestic head) - but all that mass REALLY pays off in terms of stability/sharpness! Just great. Currently trying to figure out how to build a permanent copy camera set up with sinar rails...
  9. Sparky
    guess this'd be the best place to mention a bit of trivium... the fact that I think the sinar shutter system really sucks for location work. I used to swear by it in principle but STOPPED using it for reasons of ergonomics. My setups took much longer with the shutter. I think it's a great system for studio work, though. Really. And certainly a pretty good idea these days - last time I checked ebay, DB lenses were selling for next to nothing - which is funny since they used to be MORE expensive than their equivalents with shutters...!
  10. gandolfi
    I just have a Norma 4x5 and a 13x18 extra back.
    love this camera, as it is so easy to work with..

    I have a LOT of lenses - not all in sinar plates, but as I have an ajustable iris diaphram, I can fit a lot of my antique lenses to the camera if need.

    The Sinar is great to work with, but I must admit, that I love my Gandolfi more...
  11. Falkenberg
    Do any of You have old Sinar catalogs ? I would like to see what parts where awailable. Repair manuals would be nice too.
  12. Marc Leest
    Marc Leest
    Anyone a sinar plate for copal3 available ?. Is for a sironar-n 240mm
  13. Tom Duffy
    Tom Duffy
    I've been using a P2 since 1997, originally with an 8x10 back, about 2 years in I bought a 5x7 format changing kit. 5x7 is my format of preference and the 8x10 standards give me all the movement I could ask for. I use the Sinar with three lenses, 150, 300 and 600.

    Take care,
  14. Falkenberg

    I think there is one in my "toolbox". Wht is the diameter of the hole ?
  15. Falkenberg
    I have invited the press relation at Sinar to join this group
  16. Paul.
    Hi all, Paul. here.
    Got my Norma 5x4 about 6 months ago, only have one usable lens a 150 schneider convertable. Also have a 75mm tomlinon in poloroid shutter that I want to mount ona board to see if it works, thinking was that it would make a macro type lens and interesting circular images, but we all know what though did!
    The Norma is without dout the prittiest camera I have ever seen. not only is it a joy to use it is also a thing of beuty, for the first 2 weeks of ownership I could not put it back in its box but left it on the tripod so that I could go look at it. I know I am a sad git but could not help myself.

    Am on the learning curve/cliff and still doing lots of things wrong but when I get it right those negs are wonderful. It was bound to happen when I baught that 5x4 enlarger.

    Others here seem to have mixed feelings about the Sinar shutters, as I was thinking about getting one more views would be appreciated, are ther 2 types please? one with an appeture iris and one without.
    Anyways enough ramblinga already all the best Paul.
  17. Falkenberg
    About the shutters. I have one and I am very happy with it. It is a type two. I have posted a picture of the shutters. I dont have any experience with the old type, but have heard that they can be unreliable. I guess that all shutters become unreliable after some time in storage. I have heard that there is a third kind. One with the aperture setting going down to 4.0 instead of 5.6. I have never seen it. On the picture, the oldest is the one on the left. The all black one is the newest.

    They are a considerable investment, some times more expensive that the camera, but the lenses are dirt cheap without shutters.

    I have my one 4x5" permanently on a tripod in our livingroom. I have mounted it with a 180mm lens. At first my wife objected, but now she can see the resulting pictures. And our children love to take a look at the ground glass. She did how ever put her foot down when I wanted to use the 8x10 back on the camera. I am going to sneak it in. Will start with the 5x7" back and when she havent noticed that change, I will just put the 8x10 back on.

    Beside having the camera in the living room is very good training. I am down to about 30 seconds before I am able to take a picture. But that is without any fancy movements. I try to always keep loaded filmholders nearby.

    The Norma is a thing of beauty. I have tried to contact Sinar to get a copy of the original design drawings for the Norma. I would like to make 20x24" back in the same design. I can reverse engeneer the design, but it would be much easier to have it from Sinar. They dont seem willing to part with the drawings. I already go the first set of vertical holders (rods) that are long enough to have the lens in the right hight for 20x24". These are original Sinar items. They where some kind of support rods.
  18. Marc Leest
    Marc Leest
    Hello Mikkel;

    The diameter is 65mm

  19. CGross
    The addition of groups are great.
    I have a Sinar F with a low profile rail mount and several accessories. My lenses right now are: Schneider APO-SYMMAR-L 210/5.6, Schneider Super-Angulon 8/90mm, and a Rodenstock 150mm F5.6 APO Sironar-N.
    I just got a custom made enclosure from Bruce at Photobackpacker so I can carry the camera fully assembled. It's quite an amazing concept. I'll post some pics soon. I carry it in one of his new P2 back packs.
    Now that I can easily carry it in the field, I'm gonna love this camera even more.
    For Christmas I want an 8x10 changing kit!!
  20. 2F/2F
    Hello, Falkenberg. I have the catalog that came with my F1 when I got it. I will look around for it. Not very exciting. Late 1980s, I believe. Honestly, it doesn't seem all that different from their current catalog.

    BTW, I have the auto aperture shutter as well. I love it. I do agree that it is not the best for outdoor work sometimes. '60 max shutter speed can be a "drag", to use a pun badly. But with what the lenses cost on EBay, I don't see any other way to afford the glass at this point! I got the 90 f/4.5, 121 f/8, 240 f/5.6, and 360 f/6.8 for under $1,000 total, delivered! Wow!
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