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Cross Processing?

  1. Aristotle80
    Hello everyone! I shot around 2 dozen rolls of slide film 2009-2010, and then I was too busy to do much photography in 2011. This month I dusted off my photo stuff and set about taking care of unfinished business. I had 12 rolls of undeveloped BW and two rolls of color slides from last year. I do the BW myself, but I took the slide film to the local shop in New Orleans that had done many of my slides '09-'10. Apparently during this year Bennet's stopped offering slide processing...they also went a fair way to converting their store into a mostly digital shop in general. New row of self serve computer terminals, etc. The salesgirl copped a 'tude when I asked about processing and said "cross processing" ought to be good enough. I turned it down politely and left. Just as I was leaving I heard a pushy salesman roar to a soccermom that she "needs a bigger memory card!!" As if that would improve the quality of her picture taking. I won't be going back to Bennet's.

    Anyway, I mail ordered Fuji slide processing envelopes to have the slides properly processed and mounted, but I was wondering about this cross-processing business. Has anyone here tried it, and did you like the effects? If there's a posted slide in the gallery I'd be curious to see the results.
  2. pdjr1991
    I'm on the same path with you. My teacher gave me some e-6 to shoot and crossprocess. You could always buy an e-6 kit if you don't want to crossprocess.
  3. pentaxpete
    YES -- I have tried Cross-Processing a few times and put the results on Flickr. When I open my 'Other Computer' I will upload some samples from there ... I find it increases contrast and I have to give less exposure than usual. I have used several E6 films in C41 chemicals such as the AGFA and Fuji Provia.
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