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New Member but an Old Slide shooter

  1. pentaxpete
    Just found this Group ! I have thousands of slides over many years since the 1950's !! The FIRST time I used 'skide' film was with the Britsih 'DUFAYCOLOR' system in 120 rollfilm and I used my British Ensign Selfix 16/20 Model II to get 16 -0n transparencies -- it was an 'Addtive; process where you viewed through a 'Reseau' of Blue Green and Red lines broken up into dots and the emulsion was B&W ! Then I discovered the Italian 'Ferraniacolor' and processed dozens of their films over many years -- I had tried AGFA CT 18 when it first came out though when I was in Germnay in the British Army and had bought a Zeiss Contax III -- they were my first 35mm slides. I have tried MOST of the slide films, Agfa,Ansco, Gevaert, Ilford, Kodak, Ferrania, Fuji, ORWO and so on - now the E6 is SO expensive to get processed I have loads of outdated slide films in my fridge un-used !! I will show you some results of my slide films -- thanks for viewing !
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