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After E100G/E100VS...

  1. BradleyK
    As my stash of E100G and E100VS draws down ever so slowly, I find myself wondering about possible replacements. I have, based on my limited experience shooting Velvia 50 in 120 format, decided to make either that film or the new Velvia 100 my landscape/architecture/"fine art" film. The problem is with a suitable film for shooting people. While there would seem to be a number of viable options re C-41, E6 offerings are decidedly limited. I have had Provia 100 suggested, but I find the film a little blue. Any suggestions?
  2. Larry L
    Larry L
    I've went to Fuji Provia 100 for my 120 film and stayed with Velvia 50 in 35mm. If I need a 100 speed in 35mm I use the Velvia 100 versus the Provia 100. Not found the Provia 100 in the 120 format to be objectionable, do think it is a different emulsion than the 35mm version - maybe it's just me thinking that way. Not shot Velvia 50 in 120 at all, but will give it a try as time goes on. In the C-41 offerings in 120 I would not use Ektar 100 for people, rather the Kodak or Fuji "standard" films. However, for everything except people the Ektar 100 is fantastic, and it seems to scan well if your into that mode of printing as well. Ektar 100 in 35mm printed conventionally (wet darkroom) is also quite impressive.
  3. benjiboy
    Not a problem for me, I always preferred the Fuji pro slide films.
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