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Where do you have your film processed?

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  1. Ektagraphic
    Where do you have your slides processed? I send most of my film through the Fuji mailers since they are so economical (The film goes to Dwayne's). I also send to Dale Labs and Praus Productions.
  2. Slixtiesix
    I also use the Fuji mail service here in Germany. Quality is excellent and turnaround time about one week. Price is also very economical.
  3. Stephen Prunier
    Stephen Prunier

    I shoot mostly E-6 or B&W. I process both myself. If I need something fast or I can't chance doing it myself I use The Finer Image. They are located here in Danvers, MA. It's a small 2-3 person shop. Same day service! It would probably be to far of a drive for you, but if you need E-6 fast it may be worth keeping them in the back of your mind. I hope you didn't get flooded with this rain. It's been a wet one for sure here on the North Shore today.
  4. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Sent some Fujichrome film off on the 14th August to Fuji processing and it still hasn't arrived on 1st September! I send it to an address about 50 miles away! On the 12th August sent a couple of Kodachrome films off. These were posted from the UK to Switzerland, then they are posted to the USA, processed, sent back to Switzerland and I received one a couple of days ago and the other one today (1st September). So Fuji what has taken you so long? And well done Kodak! The few Velvia 50's I have used where processed by Jessops. They send the film away then contact me by phone to inform me that it is ready for collection. Now that is what I call service!

    Cheers Chris
  5. Ektagraphic
    Long live Kodak!
  6. benjiboy
    I'm lucky my local prolab is an official Fuji processing station (they do any E6 films) and they process them in two hours, so I can drop them off before I do my shopping, and collect them on the way home.
  7. Ann M
    Ann M
    I use Transpacolor in the UK. I've always had very good service from them, quick turnaround (by post) and a reasonable price. No problems with them so far. There's no local service near me so it's just as well that I like them!
  8. goldenimage
    I use the kodak 6 step kit, works well so far
  9. benjiboy
    Chris Sweetman- Was this the Fuji Lab.at P.O. Box 136 Leeds ?
  10. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    benjiboy - I sent the film to a PO address in Warwick as per mailer. The processed film was returned from Leeds.
  11. benjiboy
    Chris- It might be quicker to send it direct to Leeds the address is Fuji Film Labs, PO box 136, Leeds LS10 9BX Phone 0113 244 8221.
  12. Ektagraphic
    I have been having scratches on my film through Fuji mailers lately...they replaced the film and mailer but the slides are trashed. I am going to stick to Dale. A little more expensive but worth it.
  13. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi Ektagraphic I wasn't all that impressed with Fuji's processing either! Plus they took too long to return the film - five weeks! One of the advantages of E6 was supposed to be fast turn around! When Kodachrome processing has finished I will go back wholly to digital unless I can find a processor that is fairly priced and offers a fast service.

  14. benjiboy
    I've tried Metro colour Labs in Birmingham recently because someone recommended them on-line, and I'm very impressed with the quality of their work and they are very reasonably priced http://www.metrocolourlab.com/index_...lourlab_E6.htm I've also had some 120 C41 colour film developed and printed by them and they are also excellent.
  15. landscapepics
    The last few E6 films I've processed myself; prior to that my favoured lab was "The Darkroom UK Ltd". They charge £4.50 for processing only and this includes VAT and postage both ways. I still have some Boots slide film left which is process paid, so that goes to the Warwick lab; they take 10-14 days to return it. If you buy on a "3 for 2" offer at Boots it works out about £5.33 per film, which is including processing, plus about £1.40 for postage to the lab.
    Wal-Mart. It goes to Dwayne's. Cheaper.
  17. BradleyK
    For the last several years (2008 or so), I have used Dwayne's, initially for Kodachrome, more recently for my Ektachrome work. Having moved home last September after five years in Deadmonton, AB., I am now considering, for sake of convenience, checking out our local labs here in Vancouver. Most likely, when I have accumulated a dozen or so rolls, I will give ABC Color a shot, and see how the locals stack up...
  18. Film Photographer
    Film Photographer
    Hi I am new to slide film actually new to photography and only recently started shooting with velvia 50 and loving the saturation from it. I get it processed at a lab at the moment but soon want to process them at home and was planning on asking about any good starter kits known....thanks
  19. ME Super
    ME Super
    I did the Wal-Mart processing up until they stopped returning negatives with color print film. Decided I didn't want to chance it if they decided to scan the slides and return them on a CD with prints. Switched to Meijer (still Fuji, which goes to Dwayne's in the US), but found the 16-day turnaround to be too slow to suit my tastes when I had been getting 10-14 day turnaround before.

    I now use a local camera shop about an hour away from my home (but just a few miles from where I work). Turnaround is a week on E-6, and I just gave them a roll of the Rollei Digibase CR200 to process. They did a good job on my Provia.
  20. benjiboy
    I've been having my processing done for the last couple of years by aG photographic ion Birmingham http://www.ag-photolab.co.uk/ and I can heartily recommend them.
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