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By way of a Hello

  1. gleaf
    Old time technician from the age of electron tubes when teletype at 600 baud was high speed. Dabbling in using modern low cost USB sensors and PC toys for photo lab tools.
  2. whlogan
    I was writing computer code for 5 0 baud and 43.5 baud comm circuits for overseas work as late as 1996! for Meterological work on the west coast. What fun that was! At any event, I just finished the recovery of 3 Rolleiflex 600* batteries. Tricky little soldering jobs but they seemed to have all been done without too much gone awry. After al,l 26 years as a Navy CWO4 Electronics Technician should have taught me something! Wish I had gotten micro circuits repair before I retired. Too bad. I used Radio Shack solder which I assume was resin core stuff and it seemed to work fine.
  3. M.A.Longmore
    I've been a plumber for twenty years and I'm accustomed to using an oxy/acetylene torch for silver soldering 4" copper fittings.
    Why am i so afraid to pick up the soldering iron that I bought two years ago, and try to repair one of the four defective Minolta
    X-700s that are sitting here looking so cute, and sexy, and all dressed up in black ?

    I'm not quite sure . . .

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