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Hello and welcome

  1. Ricus.stormfire
    Hello and welcome to South African Film Users Group.

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself (if you want to) to the group.

    I hope you will find this group useful, I will add discussions relating to the South African film photography scene, from time to time, so please feel welcome to join in and post.

    Let me introduce myself:

    My name is Ricus, and I live in the Freestate. I am a business owner and manager (copy shop).
    I am rather new to photography, starting in 2003. I have my own darkroom and I shoot mainly black and white film in 35mm and 120 (with large format on the horizon). Thanks for listening.
  2. Halford
    Howdy Ricus,

    Well we've spoken before. But for anyone new coming by, I'm Hal. I live and work in Cape Town (and live a block away from the one remaining decent film-stocking photo shop I know, hooray).

    I started photgraphy back at school in the 80s, and then had to set it aside while being a broke student. Recently rediscovered the joys of analogue imaging, and having a lot of fun with it (when time permits)
  3. Ricus.stormfire
    Welcome Hal, and thanks for joining the group.
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