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My name is Irvine

  1. Irvine_Short
    And I am an alc^H^H^H darkroom user.

    I collect a variety of film cameras, some old and decrepit, some not so old and not so derepit, some old and well looked after and a few newer ones as well.

    My latest acquisition is a Minolta Hi-Matic 11. I also have a Nikon F3, a Rolleicord, a Yashica-Mat, a Lomo-LC-A, a Kodak Retinette, a Kodak Flash B Box camera and a bunch of others including a Mamiya C220, a Nikon FG, a Lomo Smena, a Zorki C and and Moskva 5. I am sure I have missed a few out...

    The only one I went out and bought intentionally was the Yashica-Mat, in about 1990.

    The rest were going cheap and looked like they needed a home.

    I use a Simmon-Omega D2 in my darkroom which has a thatched roof, FWIW.

    Who else is here?
  2. Ricus.stormfire
    Great to have you aboard Irvine. Welcome to the group & APUG.
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