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What to do you do with your finished prints?

  1. Ricus.stormfire
    Hello all

    I hope you've all had a delightful festive season. AND a Happy 2012 to you all.

    Now, I would like to know, do any of you (that print) dry mount (or any other form of mounting) your prints for framing, or do you just scan and put the prints in a box?

    I am looking into getting the tools for drymounting since I feel prints should be displayed in a frame, on a wall.

    Any other input?
  2. lightwisps
    Good on you. Bare
  3. Irvine_Short
    Bare what?

    Surely glass is essential?

    I have a dry mount press, it came off Gumtree.
  4. Ricus.stormfire
    Hi Irvine....

    I'm on the look out for one, but they seem to be some of the harder items to find, only popping up a few times.
  5. Irvine_Short
    Check out these guys: http://www.bearandbug.co.za/bear-bug-catalogue-----.htm
    "Daige Mounting System

    Daige’s Rollataq adhesive system eliminates the need for spray adhesive, rubber cement, coated film, double sided tapes and dry mounting tissue. It is one of the most cost effective adhesive systems available. Glue is applied using either a hand held applicator or a desk top machine. There is no warm up time and it takes only seconds to apply a clear micro thin film of glue. The adhesive remains position able for about 10 minutes. After burnishing with a roller or using the Quick mount system the glue dries to a strong permanent bond that will not crack peel or yellow. Rollataq glue is non toxic and no fumes or odours are emitted. Use Rollataq for mounting photographs, posters, prints etc. It can be used on any type of paper – even cheap coated art paper (which is liable to cockle badly using other methods)."
  6. Ricus.stormfire
    Thanks a million Irvine
  7. Irvine_Short
    I believe a dry mount press is still handy for flattening fiber prints though. Only thing is, US$1,000.00 for a 12x15 press. I have seen used ones for $300.00 and then there is the shipping.

    I picked up mine is a pile of junk basically and it needs a new thermometer.
  8. Ricus.stormfire
    Hmmm, that's a lot of money. There is this insanely priced online shop, wantitall.co.za who sell presses for about R22 000. But they also ask R280 for a roll of HP5 +, so I avoid them like the plague. I can get a heat press for R5 000 though, I reckon that might work too...
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